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John Freyer's Side Burns
tag # 000017

At my inventory party some people thought that they would used the opportunity to challenge my resolve to go through with this project. Sara Langworthy tagged things that she knew would be near and dear.

After I got to know my friend Sasha she began to explain to me how early 90's my sideburns were. She had seen enough trendy facial hair when she lived in Philadelphia during the end of the mall-terno rock error...

So tag # 000017 are my sideburns. It was one of the first things that Sasha tagged that night. And at some point a group of us went into the bathroom and clipped them off. Up until that day I had always had sideburns, even in the womb. I walked around for about 2 months before I tried to grow a beard. No mater how long I let the thing grown (1 month in this case) my beards always look like I am trying to grow a beard.

I shaved my sad attempt at a beard and now I have side burns again, but this time they are longer and fuller, more like Elvis in the 70's, less like a character on 90210.

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