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The T-4 Super and 50 photographs
tag # 000094

This is the best camera that I have ever owned. I have convinced at least 15 of my friends to buy a T-4 Super for themselves. I know professional photographers who occasionally even do work for hire with the T-4 Super.

I have taken thousands of photographs with camera.. It is small enough to fit in a pocket, and has a Carl Ziess lens..When my friend Paul, who is a photographer in NYC found out that the T-4 was going to be discontinued he went out and bought two just in case the two that he has ever brake.

I carry this camera around with me everywhere I go.. I have taken pictures with this camera in nearly every state in the country, in Sweden, Norway, Canada, and nearly into Mexico.

This item includes 50 photographs taken with the T-4 super, if you don't get my great camera make sure you get one before they are gone at B&H Photo, they bought out the remaining stock from Yashica.


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