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Pulmonary Diagnostic Unit Sign
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The First question that most People ask me about this project is "Am I actually selling" everything"" and their second question is often; "Am I replacing the stuff that I am selling?"

Naturally my first answer is always yes.. That is the goal of the project, but I can tell you now that on Aug. 1st when my lease is up there will still be stuff in my house which will need to be hauled to the curb, right back to where much of what I own came from.

And as for the second question, immediately after my inventory party I thought that I could get by with just selling the things that were tagged, so I continued to live my life as per usual, thrift shopping, and going to surplus weekly.. But I quickly realized that the only way to truly finish the project was to try to sell everything off and that I would never be able to do that if I kept accumulating stuff.

This is the last thing that I bought at Surplus.. I couldn't help myself really. I knew that I could rewire it to work and so I did.

I Still go thrift shopping once an a while, but now I just walk about collecting all of the cool stuff that I find into a pile, and then I try and convince my friends that they should buy all of the cool stuff that I've found, At least someone I know would own it.

On Saturday I left a mint Kentucky Friend Chicken ringer and a great painting coat paired on the rack in a thrift store.. When I go on my road trip be sure of follow me around thrift stores. I'll pick out the stuff I like and leave it for someone else to buy.

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