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Millennium Canned Ham
Tag # 000238

Last year at this time I was seriously convinced that the world could end on New Years Day. So instead of going to the big bash in Time Square, I joined my friends Bekah Zarela, and Doug and a few of their friends out on Long Island to prepare what I though may be my last supper.

Well, I was wrong... really wrong, and I got my folks so worked up about it that my dad went out and bought a few weeks worth of provisions. But rather than buy a ready made disaster kit, he came up with his own emergency list, including 5 cans of spanish peanuts, a few 1 liter bottles of tonic water, and three canned hams.

This fall I opened a care package from my family to find this fine Danish Ham courtesy of the y2k rations that I advised my dad to buy. I chose not to eat it just in case the real millennium comes this year. If it doesn't look for this item to go up for auction sometime after January 1.


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