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Hand Made Money $25 Dollar Bills
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The Secret Service has two responsibilities. The most well known one is guarding all of the past and current Presidents of the United States.. Even Jimmy Carter still has a small detail of the Secret Service assigned to him.. You never can be to careful.. In the late seventies militia's organized against the the Carter proposed shift to metric system..

The Secret Service's other duty is to protect US currency from counterfeit money.. Print shops used to be frequently monitored to see whether or not illegal money was being printed.

The University of Iowa Printmaking Program is #1 in the nation and last year if the Secret Service snooped around, they would have discovered a group of printmakers who invented a new denomination of US currency; the $25 dollar bill.. Although they never got around to making a back side for the bills, nor ever tried to circulate them, they did give them out as door prizes at one of their parties..

They gave me one green one an three photocopied bills.. I wouldn' try and spend these if I were you. One because you would look like an idiot for trying to spend a photocopied $25 bill and two b/c the statutes for trying to pass fake money will put you away for 10 years to life.. You might be able to spend these at the upcoming print sale at the UI print shop..

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