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My Office Chair
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I don't have an office really, but I do have a few steal case desks, so I'm just a few cubicles walls away from working in an upstart dot com... Well I guess I am a bit of an upstart dot com.

I don't have any assets, have no idea what a business model is, and spend most of my time infront of a computer e-mailing my friends.. Many of which happen to work (or used to work) for upstart dot coms..

This is a fine chair and its pretty comfortable too.. I will warn you the first chair I sold cost more than $40 to ship to the $2.50 high bidders chagrin, the next chair I shipped by attaching the address label to the seat of the chair and placing $16.50 worth of stamps on the back..

The postal workers in Iowa city are pretty used to me coming with odd things to mail.. How do you want this shipped?



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