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Leinenkugels Beer Bottles, 24
tag # 000931

By the end of the night at my inventory party, people started tagging some ridiculous things, including this empty case of Leinenkugel's beer.. In Iowa they charge a 5 cent deposit on bottles so if returned you could stand to make $1.20 .If you live in Michigan though you could make twice that..

When I first moved here I stayed with Margaret Stratton until I found an apartment. And since I didn't have much money I ended up eating her food and drinking her beer with little to no hope of ever being able to pay her back.

The Beer dilemma..

Margaret drank Rolling Rock beer, which in the east goes for about $4 a six pack, but here in the heartland they see it as fancy beer and charge more like $6 a pack.. So this is where the Dilemma comes in..

I was in the beer cooler at the Hy Vee, with the idea that I would spend my last twenty dollars replacing the food and beer that I consumed at Margaret's.. When I reached for the Rolling Rock I noticed a beer special out of the corner of my eye.. A case of Line's for $9. I immediately went into consumer paralysis.. How could I pay $6 dollars for a six-pack when I could get a full case for $9?

I ended up leaving the store empty handed.. I recently convinced Margaret that PBR was a better beer than Rolling Rock, I will have no problem paying her back now.

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