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London, England


>>I finally managed to send you some feedback of what happened to your laundry bags:

>>Why should someone buy one laundry bag for a total of 5$? Here`s why I did it: I`ve got a wonderful sister (two infact and one brother, but this is just about my sister Nina) who often sends me funny and interesting links. She lives in England and I live in Germany, so we don`t see each other too often.

>>So one day she sent me the link to AMLFS and suggested me to do a similar project, because I just have too much stuff and too little space to stack it all. As a "thank you" and because I love her, I decided to buy something so you, John, would come and visit her.

>>From what I know from your AMLFS-Project you seem to be a very interesting person. Come and visit my sister and your former laundry bags in England. You`ll have to go to London anyway and see what has become of your white brick so it won`t be too far off the track. If you`re the nice person I think you are, she might even do your washing and finally the laundry bag will come into use :-)

>>If you are planning to see what has happened of your laundry bags, send me an email and I«ll ask my sister to send you her address and how you can get in touch with her.


New York, New York

>Hey John,

>I am glad to see that your plan is progressing well. I can't understand why no one else bid on the Wes Montgomery LP as I was expecting to pay a bit more -$20 or 30! Such pressings in excellent condition are much sought after by analog enthusiasts. I feel a bit guilty and almost sent you a little extra, but I quickly came to my senses and realised that I am not a millionare--I am a thousandare, but it feels much the same -it's all relative.

>The Wes Montgomery LP is doing fine and is reveling in its new environment. I have twice played it on my Thorens TD124 which was made about the same time as the record, so I am sure that it is one happy piece of vinyl. Sort of like you or I suddenly driving a 1958 Porsche Speedster--it would be a new and unfamiliar sensation, but we would rapidly fall into a relaxed nirvana-i.e. we'd get used to it faster than whale dung slides off a glacier. This is one content LP! It practically purred like a kitten as the nude polished diamond of the phonograph cartridge slid through it's petroleum laden vinyl canals. It is a record that loves being played! When it is not on the turntable, it rests comfortably in its new inner jacket secure in the knowledge that the new clear vinyl outer envelope sleeve will protect it from the horrors of gradual oxidation and dust.

>Yes indeed, this record has found a wonderful new home. There is one slight problem, however. When I am not looking, the 78RPM records sneak over, and beat the holy bejesus out of the poor Wes Montgomery LP. It appears that the 78s are a tad jealous of the LP because they are afraid that I'll abandon them because LPs don't have to be changed after every song. They think that I am switching to LPs and will soon discard them. Poor souls those 78s; you can't really blame them because it is exactly this scenario that they suffered through in the early 1950s and most of them have simply not recovered completely from this traumatic experience. Most people do not realise this, but 78RPM records carry the same emotional baggage of the abandoned, rejected and disenfranchised. One day they are prized possessions of a music lover, the next day they are on the sidewalk being used for informal games of shuffle board or Frisbee. If they were lucky, they ended up at a second hand store. By the time I got them they needed a tremendous amount of reassurance and love.

>Still, however, I shall have to ask the 78s to stop antagonising the LPs. After all; the LPs went through a similar experience when CDs were introduced. Since I have mostly 78s, the LPs are at a distinct disadvantage, in addition, the 78s are almost always stronger and heavier so the LPs really don't stand a chance. there is nothing more pathetic than watching an LP cower and shake from fear. It makes Wes' guitar sound like it is being played through a Fender Vibrolux.


Charlottesville, Virginia


>>So, yes, I would like to remain on the list. And, yes, I'd love to have you visit Charlottesville, VA.

>>I'm starting a Masters program here in a couple weeks, so I'll be around for a while.

>>I bought the old photos, which I have yet to use, and an old Ecko can opener, which has served my house well during the summer. It still has the tag on it, and people think we're crazy when we attempt to stop them from opening bottles with some other inferior device and go running for the opener.

>>I'll write something better for the captain's log later.

>>And finally, as many have already expressed, thanks for helping me to examine my relationship with stuff and how not to let it define you.


Berkeley, California

>>i bought your bowling belt buckle. and i love it. i really do. i haven't yet found the right belt for it, but that doesn't diminish my affection. actually, i just got up to go take a look at it.

>>i don't have a digital camera, so i'll just tell you where it's at. on my dresser, laying on a small dish surrounded by 1. a worry stone thing my mom put in my stocking last xmas, 2. a fancy pen from my boyfriend's last company, 3. a box of Smints (approx. 5 left), 4. your note that accompanied the buckle, and 5. the business card and phone number of a friend/pastry chef i ran into a while back.

>>oh, and the entire dish is sitting next to my damn orchid that never, EVER blooms.please feel to come visit your belt buckle in Berkeley, CA.

>>until then.

Los Angeles, California


>I am the PROUD owner of your old $433.97 electrical bill. You're welcome to visit it/us. To be honest, the item I bought is probably the lamest and most insignificant thing you sold. The fact that you would visit MY $433.97 electrical bill makes your project all the more interesting.

>My life hasn't changed drastically since I purchased your old bill except for a few things. I went to the dentist and got a mouth guard, I bought a couch that I'll never use, and I drank soy milk for the first time...not too bad.

>I wanted to buy something from your project for reasons I still don't know. I guess the thought of waiting to see if some guy is actually going to knock on my door in the near future got me curious. Let me know what your drink of choice is so I'll be well stocked when you arrive.

>Brad Los Angeles, CA


>I just wanted to let you know that the first night I got her, Patsy and I sat on my front porch, singing our hearts out to the mountains about cheating men and lost loves, and drank several margaritas on a hot summer evening. There ain't nothing better in life.

>The 1950's era Handyman's Book goes perfectly with my 1950's era Cookbook of the same editors. Begin a handy gal myself, I found the suggestions rather humorous- very male oriented. Reminds me of an irrigation job I did a few weeks back where the old man told me that I was going to make myself a handy housewife someday. I can only dream.

>You are more than welcome to visit your things- that is if you want to be holed up in a small town in the mountains for a while :)

>Oh, and if you can't stand drinking beer that's half the alcohol content of the rest of the world, I suggest you keep your distance.


Clinton, New York


>Your 27 spoons will end up living, of all places, in the Keehn Co-Op at Hamilton College. Yes. (They'll probably get set on fire, melted, etc.) Some will be my personal spoons; others will end up in the kitchen collection.

>You are welcome to visit your spoons if the opportunity arises, though I'll be away from campus for the better part of 2002. With luck, the spoons will still be there.

>Watching the project with interest,

(the coop is where I learned to cook, sort of -JF)

San Pedro, California

>Subject: please REMOVE from Bulkmail List

>Sorry but I already receive too much email as is.

>I bought a Rollerskating book from you. I collect "how to" books and videos which I share with my friends. Most of my "how to" items relate to dancing and recreational activities.

>Rollerskating/Inline skating is one of my favorite recreational pastimes and I plan to use the books and videos in my collection to improve my skating skills.

>Thank you

East, Texas,
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

>hey there,

>that'd be cool if u visited me. a little story about the mugs i bought from you goes like this.....short version......

>i bought them while living in East TX with my parents, kept them in their box until i moved to Murfreesboro, Tn. where they proudly sit in a cabinet in my new apartment waiting to be used.

>wow, what a great story huh. come see me and my roomate, we can all drink coffee from your old mugs that now belong to me! :-)


Chicago, Illinois

>Hi John,

>I just want to remind you that you are definitely invited to visit us - and your ex-paperback in Chicago. I got your note about Chicago-a-go-go. I have not seen the show, but I did look up the information.

>If you are still planning on being in Chicago on the 25th, we'd love to go to the taping with you. You are more than welcome to crash on our futon. I hope you can make it next week to visit with us.

>Congratulations on finishing your sale.


Northampton, Massachusetts


>I would love it if you stopped by. I promise to send a picture of me breakdancing to your Beat Street album as soon as my roommate gets home from California this weekend (my flash is broken). I live in Northampton, MA, but I will be moving in a couple weeks to Easthampton. Let me know if you're swinging through Mass. and we'll figure something out.


Although he didn't buy these he took the time to write me so.......

>>Subject: Converse, China and American-made Shoes

>>Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:10:49 -0400

"So Converse All-Stars will now be manufactured in China. The last American made shoe, now made in China, while China holds American men and women hostage.."

>> Actually, John, Oakley makes all of its products--including its shoes--in the U.S. Just thought you should know...

>>Morgan Stanley

Hampton, Virginia

>Hey John ,

>I will have pictures of the "How to Belly Dance For Your Husband " album soon. I'm getting married on September 2 and I plan to present my wife to be with this fine album from your life.

>I'm going to give it to her at our rehearsal dinner. It's in the process of being framed at the moment and I'm trying to digitize the album as well.

>Please consider yourself welcome to visit if you can make it to Hampton Virginia. We have plenty of room and as added incentive if you do make it the Fabio ICBINB is yours my friend.

>Keep me posted!!!
> Sean

Brooklyn, New York


>My friend told me about "allmylifefor sale". I thought that's so awesome and I wanted to be part of it. So I bid on this Ansel Adams photo book right away. I'm happy to win this book, because one, Ansel Adams is a great photographer and I always liked his photos. Two, I get to be the part of the unique art project.

>But most of all what I liked about winning this book was what John wrote on invoice "Here is my copy of this book. A book that every photogapher has recieved as a gift". Well, it wasn't gift, I won it, but still the words stuck with me.

>I used to be photographer. Or at least I wanted to be. But somehow it slipped away from me. I've lost the eyes and time to see. I stopped taking photos. Now my Nikon F3 is sitting on the shelf for a long time. Waiting..... But now I feel I can shoot again.

>Maybe I'll go for small trip out of city and take some photos. Next Sunday gain back my time and eyes I've lost while ago in this big city. You know? I thank you for opening my eyes.

>In this city, it's hard to keep track of what I'm doing.

>Good luck to you!

Silver Spring, Maryland

>Dear John:

>I can't say that I'm entirely satisfied with the Jesus night light. First of all, the light bulb that came with it doesn't work. Oh, yeah, I could go out and get another, but since I wrecked my mid-life crisis SUV, it's just not that easy to get around any more.

>But what's really bothering me is that the description of the item didn't match up with reality. In an array of tests performed in my house, rivalled only perhaps by the rigorous testing of United Laboratories (, I found that in 65% of the outlets in my house, Jesus stood upright. 30% of the outlets required Jesus to hang upside down as promised in your description, and a mere 5% of my outlets caused Jesus to assume an alternative position. It is this minority position, if you will, that is represented in the photo attached to this email.

>But hey, while a lot of your feedback seems to credit your cast-off items with changing the correspondents' lives, I never had such high expectations for the $11.50 I spent. Caveat emptor. I did hope to display the night light in my web site "Julie's Tacky Treasures," but now I'm wondering how it would fit, given the inconsistent or perhaps inconclusive results of my testing.

>Maybe this is just another example of God working in mysterious ways, as the nuns used to tell me: a theological dilemma, or perhaps His way of making a joke. I've developed a personal philosophy, since becoming a recovering Catholic, that God definitely can laugh at Himself (when He's not laughing at us). I believe he has a sense of humor, unlike the guys I've met through the personal ads who SAY they want a woman with a sense of humor when what they mean is that they want a woman who will laugh at THEIR jokes. But I digress...

>In closing, John, I probably will continue to scan your web site for potential tacky treasures, and even bid on a few when the opportunity arises. Maybe I should just thank you for the inspiration to muse about life's vicissitudes, theology, and the nature of tackiness.

>Best wishes to you.
>Julie Mangin Curator,
>Julie's Tacky Treasures

>On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, John Freyer wrote:

>>> If you would like I would refund you half of your money, The goal of this > project is not to make $11.50 off of my nightlght... I would much rather that you be happy with the piece of my life that you aquired... (and that you take good care of it, I always liked that lord) <<

> No refund necessary.

> Julie

Denver, Colorado

>>Hi John,

>>I bought your Electric Company album. It now lives with my other albums in a crate in my entertainment center. I have only listened to it once. I only listen to albums occasionally. Technology has mostly won out. I bought the album because I grew up on Sesame Street, which was always followed by the Electric Company. I always thought that the show was more geared towards boys.

>>But I loved the way it started: that long, gutteral, "HEEEEEEEYYYYYY YOOOOOUUUUUUU GGGUUUUUYYYYS" was my favorite. So you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it wasn't on the album. I also don't remember any of the songs. When I looked at the album, I realized that this is because it was released in 1973, about a year or two before I started watching it. I was only 2 years old for most of 1973. I have a terrible memory anyway, so the chances of me remembering songs from a TV show at that time are pretty low. And since I can't really say that it's quality music, I would have only been listening for sentimental value.

>>You mention on your website that part of your art project is to see if the items you own would shape the life of the next owner. I think you have it backwards. Instead, I think we were all shaped before, and the things we own, taken together, reflect a little bit of who we are. The memories, or attitudes we might have in common create the desire to own similar items. At least in my case... I can't really speak for the people who bought even more random items from you such as food. In that case, I believe they probably simply like the idea of your project, and think it's funny (in a good way.)

>>So you see, the fact that I purchased the album from you hasn't marked my life with any sort of new John D. Freyer influence. It merely highlights a similarity between us - nostalgia for cheesy retro items. What I would be fascinated to find out however, is if you've discovered any "Six Degrees of Separation" connections during your project.

>>It's amazing how small the world is when you can trace the invisible ties of friendships and families. It happens all the time. If you'd like to visit your album on your way across the country, feel free to contact me. I'm in Denver and you have my email.

>>Good luck,

Louisville, Kentucky

>>i apologize for not sending you an update on what i've done with your museum of television and radio t-shirt;

>>i'd originally intended to give it to a friend of mine that really liked the place, but we've since had a weird kind of falling-out, and so i kept it. since it's rather large on me, i mostly just use it for sleeping. it's not terribly exciting, but there you go.

>>if you want to visit louisville, do it! it's a fun town. your shirt digs the place well enough, from what i can tell.

>>- allison

>>P.S. just one more thing. i was just looking around and i realized that lindsey, who bought your bag of sugar, was one of the people i met in baltimore a few days ago. I had breakfast with lindsey on saturday morning, and we ate crabs on john's porch on sunday night. small world... everything's connected in one way or another, isn't it?

Jensen Beach, Florida

>John, Hi,

>I just wanted to let you know that the Wired Magazines I bid on and won are VERY interesting reading....considering that in '98-99 I did not even own a computer!!!

>Also, the "Joy of Home Breweing", another item I won on Ebay, is equally entertaining, except that I have not yet attempted to make my own beer. The stuff I can buy at the store is still ok, so I think I will wait til I no longer like the taste of store bought beer before I attempt my own Brand of Beer.

>Anyway, great idea and Happy Selling!!!!

>Matt M.

Jacksonville, Florida

>I rcvd the bowling shirt in good time. Tonight my daughter and I went bowling. We bowled 173 as a team (she rolls first ball and I take care of the spare if needed).

>This is our high score!

>I give credit to the shirt.

>Thanks again.


Parsonsburg, Maryland

>Hi John,

>It looks like I have won Bekah's socks. Not that I need another pair of socks. My husband thinks I am crazy for I have plenty (but I don't have a brown pair!). Your thoughts along with the sock auction got my attention.

>The comment that wearing someone else's clothing makes you think of that person each time you put them on. As I read that I was wearing what had been my mother-in-laws shirt and yes socks. She passed away just 3 years ago at the too young age of 57. She was my best friend and I miss her dearly. When wearing her favorite shirt and socks, I think of the happy times we shared.

>Anyhow, you'll have to include a picture of you and Bekah so I can think of you guys and my silly bid for a pair of used socks (for practical me this is fun!). I am also bidding on the Ivory Soap for my husband's aunt. She likes "old" stuff and would just flip over the "old" ivory soap.


Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

>Dear John:

>(Man, the thrill never wears off of writing that, though it must have stopped on reading it for you quite a while ago)

>Your Great Old Box is still fabulous and no worse for wear, and we are getting ready to set of for London, Sweden, and Majorca tomorrow morning. I was having him send postcards at first but then I thought it would be better to just collect stuff inside and journal with words and photos wherever we went and then whenever you get him back you can just check it all out then.So don't think we have forgotten you, or that he has settled down into a life of boredom or retirement in tiny Chester Springs. Oh no, my friend. JF's GOB has only begun.

>I am sad to see your domain name sale ending on the day I will be traveling home from Sweden as it was my dream to be like you and rid myself of all my possessions. Well, at least to be like you in the respect that I would have rid myself of all my possessions. Alas, I will be too busy to sit around trying to outbid people, and besides all that cutthroat shit is not my style. But with any luck I will come home and have a nice salad with my roommate Mike who is bidding with great ferocity for your vidalia onion.

>good luck with the rest of your sale and i hope you make it to philly when you are all done. let us know if you need any gas $$.

>I just had my annual review.



Santa Monica, California

>>I was so excited when I got my $1.00 Rufus record in the mail, I drove straight to the California desert and proceeded to drink a lot! I'm looking into the distance and wondering why I was the only one to bid on this fine record.

>> I mean, the crusty old towel that someone left in your apartment sold for more. Someone actually paid above that for a bag of pork rinds! "What the hell is wrong with everyone?" I ponder. Or maybe I'm just looking for another bar......

>>Either way, I lucked out.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Your "smells like boy sweat favorite hat" resides in a box in my closet. And if you come visit, I will give it back to you.The thought of your favorite hat being bought by someone else to never get back to you for some reason made me make a crazy ass high bid on it when I was probably delirious. I know how men are about their baseball hats.

The bikini chick pin on the other hand has been worn on the lapel of my pink flowered wide lapeled polyester shirt.The first time I wore it, I went to a horrid 3-D porn movie at an art house theater here. Nothing was in 3D- my eyes hurt and I was really bored. And the guy behind my best friend was making rather suspicious sounds.


Fresno, California

Hi John,

Lunch arrived today and I am ever so grateful. I was hungry. Here are some pix for you...lunch being delivered, lunch being blessed by the lesbian mermaids on our front lawn, lunch being eaten, discovery of the poptarts...all in all it was just about the best lunch I've had since my mom used to pack them for me. THANKS!

By the way, I had noticed the sticker on the lunchbox but couldn't make it out when I bid on it. I laughed out loud when I saw that it said "migraine." My first photo project was a series on the same subject caused by the sudden onset of migraine headaches a few years ago. That whole adventure is the subject of my current photo project. I wonder if Alanis Morisette would consider that ironic???

Have a swellerific day,


click for larger images

MoMA, New York


Listen, the shipping is a killer so how about I'll send you the winning bid amount and you donate the "US Army Chair" to a local charity in my name, or if you have a Salvation Army nearby see if they will take it, put it in the window or something and you can use that for your project? How does that sound?


>>Mr. Freyer:

>>This is a belated note to thank you for your gift of the US Army chair to our Franklin Furnace collection; in fact, we are so pleased to have it that it's already on 'display' as part of a small exhibit we've done commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Archive.

>>So add us to your map of where your life is on display--MoMA library, 6th floor....

>>Regards and best wishes on your projects.

>>Milan R. Hughston
>>Chief of Library & Museum Archives
>>The Museum of Modern Art

Simi Valley, California


Well the chair made it, yes in one piece. I don't use eBay, my friend Cordelia was the one who bought it for me. Its in my room and is quite comfortable in my humble opinion.

I don't know how they delivered it, but for reasons unknown by me, the mailperson put it under my doormat, it was the weirdest looking thing.

They (the Post Office) also put 3 or 4 stickers on it apologizing because they thought they had torn it up during shipping.

Ever since I saw your website I wanted something from it, and now my wish has come true. You are like Richard freakin Simmons!


Cordelia paid for the the $16.50 worth of stamps that I put on the seat of the chair, when I mailed it unwrapped through the US Post Office-JF

London, United Kingdom

>>dear john,

>>Just finished a gruelling stint of 12 - 15 hr days with no weekend breaks finishing Tomb Raider - post on the film.

>>- it's intended home is in my flat in west london 27 storeys up in a building called Trellick Tower - by a architect named Goldfinger - Flemming named the Bond character after him to illustrate is hatred of his work.

>>Anyway, if your still interested, I have sent you this photo of the brick on top of our offices in Soho with the millenium wheel in the bgd to place it.


Dallas, Texas

> I have finally moved into Dallas from one of its suburbs. all three items from Allmylife have moved with me, though two of them are lost in boxes at the moment.

(1) the printer rolls are in a box somewhere . . . i still have not found a suitable use for them. mounting them between glass to re-form the orginal image is my current idea, but i do not plan to do that for a while. the double-paned glass in my new bedroom has white hard-water stains/mineral deposits between them. perhaps it is the Texas version of "piss christ".

(2) the toilet paper is similarly in a box. my new apartment's toilet is water-saving, meaning it has an appallingly low water level in the bowl, but swirls around and clears the bowl twice per lever-flush. also, the water faucets seem to be throttled back to a small stream instead of the usual pressure that i am accustomed to. still, since i am being billed for water and sewer usage for the first itme in my life, i don't mind these changes.

(3) the elvis shirt was coupled with my glow-in-the-dark 24-hour Church of Elvis shirt this past Friday night. it attended the usual poetry slam on Friday and then a gig by the Austin-based band "The Flamebrick Subs". then it went to my old, not-yet-moved apartment. it is sitting on top of boxes in my new apartment.

--- brian

Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

dear john,

I was over the moon to receive the Japanese design book from my dad. I collect anything and everything associated with the 1970's and also have a keen interest in graphic design which I studied at college. I have had quite a few offers to sell the book but there is no way I will ever part with it as it has become 'part of my life not for sale'. It now stands pride of place on my bookshelf and I love to tell the story of how I acquired it through your brill web site 'all my life for sale.'

Thanks Susan

New York, New York


well, i won one of the more difficult things to comment on as far as how it's affected my life. since i can't 'use' the item, i'll just give you an idea of how my life has changed since december 28th, 2000.

When i moved to ny i didn't know anyone. i got here, my plans for a job didn't work out, i wasn't having much luck making friends and overall i was pretty lonely. but this was a loneliness i've not experienced the equal of since the misery that is junior high school. something about knowing no one and having no one to talk to, confide in or share with in a city of millions, where there is always something exciting or interesting to share or experience intensified the feeling. and if you're not careful, you start to feel more and more lonely, you get less and less motivated and slowly withdraw into a shell of self-pity. it's pretty pathetic.

in late December i was feeling like i had had enough of this and i was willing to try anything. then i stumbled across your website, bid and won your birthday and it actually changed who i am.

i went to the party, met your friends and had a great time, but it didn't end there. i also met up with some of them after it was all over and we continued to have good times. slowly i was making friends. your friends.

i disagree with the idea that i purchased your friends from you. your relationship with each of them remains intact and i simply formed friendships. but in a way, i unwittingly used you as a search agent to meet them and then get to know them. i can only imagine how, at least partially, it must be/have been unsettling to have sold the experience of being you at your birthday, a quantified, almost contained length of time, and then see that stranger sort of leak outside the box. the terms of the purchase were for that night, and that night alone, but i'm somehow still here.

i don't feel that i have a conclusion to wrap this all up with. there's not a clear lesson here since it wasn't a simple tranferral of property as is much of the rest of your project, but this experience has definitely changed my life. arguably the true essence of who we are is purely the culmination of our experience, and since i did pay for the initial contact and i've now spent four months interacting with some of your close friends, then perhaps i actually did buy something of you and have incorporated it into myself.

but i don't think it's as clear cut as all that. when you sell a typewriter or a brick you are giving away something that you may consider to be part of who you are. that thing no longer has a place in your life and does have a place in the life of someone else, opening up the potential for the buyer to experience something of yours and merge it into their own life. however, when you dabble with a true chaotic and unpredictable force, people, you cannot confine it to the role of an object. while i did have the birthday and got to experience that in a finite manner, something unexpected happened. friendships were formed and they grew out of that initial contact. although the purchase provided the medium, the resulting relationships were more than simply my co-opting something of yours and making it my own. they were the unpredictability of human interaction. the surprising and uncontrollable dynamic of people.

so my purchase was one of the anomalies. i got exactly what i bid on and it fulfilled the expectations i formed from your website, but since some aspects of my purchase were alive and able to interact with me, it opened up possibilites that can never be explored with a chair or a shirt. not only did i get a thing, the experience at the party, i also got an opportunity. you exposed more of your world by allowing me a short time to spend with your friends than anyone who gets to keep an object of yours indefinitely.

so i feel that i should thank you. you took an incredible risk with this experiment and aside from what you may learn through the project (and the cash you make) there is little room for personal gain. i, on the other hand, paid $1.25 and met people who've become some of the best friends i've ever known. that's something that will stay with me forever.



>I received the record, ebay #1434681458-'Trinidad Steel Band' LP. I think it is neat, what you are doing with your life's collection. I do not know how many will answer but here is my story.

>I first heard steel band in 1958. I fell in love with it and have been collecting it ever since. I am now transferring the records to CD for easier playing. I now have about 200 pieces.

>The record collection will stay in my possession until my death when they are willed to the music library of the college I graduated from. Many of the older records are not available except by persons like you selling them. I have friends in Trinidad and I have promised to bring CD's of the old ones to them.

>Many of the old ones were never available to the public at large in Trinidad. They were sold to tourists as souvenirs. Most of the locals have no idea of what the old steel band sounded like.

>Like all music the steel band (or pan as they call it) music has undergone a real change in style. I feel it has fallen far below what it once was. It is now so diluted with modern instruments such as keyboard, guitars and the like that it bears little resemblance to the real thing.

>Your record will give me a chance to show them what some of the 'real' pan music sounded like. Thanks for making it available.


Castro Valley, California


Hi John:

I have received your Weston light meter (broken, as you said). I took it all apart. cleaned and get the meter working well, but the light sensor was too old, and only given out 1/10 of the power as it should. Well, it will stay with my six other light meters in the darkroom (only two not working). It was worth a try,

thanks anyway.


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>From: Tad
>Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001
3:39 PM To: ''
Subject: Photo of goods


>>Attached is a photo of Mike Brown wearing the pink barbers shirt that I won for him. As you can see, he looks rather dapper and draws many (admiring?) stares when he wears it to the office. He told me that he has to put it on and leave the house while Maggie is walking their dog Sam.

>>I assume that this is because she would insist on wearing it herself... He is standing next to my cubicle and the Elvis book is on my wall. I haven't had time to read the mystery yet, but thumbed through a couple of chapters and found them to be intriguing. What if it is true? Gail does make a compelling argument...

>>Thanks, I continue to search your auctions looking for the next purchase!



Lubock, Texas


My story:

I bought the two Bread and Puppet Theatre Posters a few months ago. They seemed to be in okay shape except there were those "poster-tak-putty" grease marks in the corners. But that was fine because I decided to hang them in my office at Texas Tech University (I am a part-time instructor and grad student). Since the walls are made of concrete, I had to add more "poster-tak-putty" to get them to stay. However, they kept falling down and I am convinced that the putty stuff is a very ineffectual way of hanging posters.

I am hoping to get someone to pose nude with the two Bread and Puppet Theatre Posters, but I have yet to do that. Maybe in the near future. Would you post it on your web page?


London, United Kingdom


> Dear Jon

How are you ?

Sorry for the Delay in returning an e-mail but life has been pretty hectic here in london! I hope that your project is going well and that people are getting back to you about theie items.

Well the tshirt arrived safe and sound here at work (See enclosed pictures) And is a firm favourite Already! People keep asking me " wheres al and Irenes then?" Well its at ceder Rapids isn't it! , not really knowing where that is I must visit one day... to really know and to see what the place actually looks like.

So if anything, apart from sporting a new bright yellow tshirt( i wouildn't normally wear a yellow one!) the tshirt has given me a strange but nice connection to Cedar Rapids and a desire to know more about it.

THe second picture attached is of me at work. The bloke to my right( nearer to the camera ) is Stve Murg. He owns your brick! THe white painted brick that sits on the table bewteen us next to a fake oscar!! (For Gladiator) so Two pieces of All myLife For sale now reside in central london. Both in soho, both working on films, both continuing their travels from being with you!!

Good luck with your project and i hope that everyone gets back to you with where their items are. Take care and stay in touch and say a big hello to all at Al and Irenes BBQ Shack

Yours Faithfully,


Tampa, Florida



I bought the Vegas glass in December, mebbe? I lobbied for the Vegas glass long and hard, mostly because of JohnÕs FreyerÕs story.

Last July, 5 months after John got this glass from Micah, I made a many-hour drive to Vegas to almost get married, and instead we broke up a month later and I moved back East. I donÕt know why I bought the glass; I felt a weird connection to it.

Either that or I was simply attracted to the gold foil. I was going to send this glass to my ex, but when I got it in the mail from Mr. Freyer, it was broken. Thus is the risk of mailing glassware, I guess.

The glass is still in the box it came in, hidden under my bed, in about 5 different pieces. I was going to glue it back together, but that seemed sacrilegious. If not sacrilegious, at least a little wrong. So itÕs still waiting for something under my bed. I donÕt know what.


New York, New York


I wrote the president of my college about my project.

>Dear President Tobin

> >I just thought you should know that I just sold my Hamilton College >thesis, "Information Technologies and their Role in Surveillance >Societies" for $20.50 on E-bay. > >

Dear John: Congratulations! What are you going to do with the royalties?

Keep writing; it was terrific to hear from you. I will take a look at your project in the morning.

Gene Tobin



Los Angeles, California


John -

Here is a photo of me finding a better home for the Floyd's Masonry bowling shirt. My band (gabriel mann situation) was playing a show at The Mint in Los Angeles.

I offered the shirt up to anyone that was willing to come up and claim it. It was claimed by a lovely young woman who was too shy to have her photo taken, so you just get me.

For more info on the band, if your interested, check out

Thanks again!


Iowa City, Iowa


>>Dear John D. Freyer (,

>>eBay appreciates the fact that you chose to list your auction: 543023266George's Burger w/ Sara Langworthy, allmylife with us.

>>However, we do not allow auction listings to be used for any purpose other than auctioning of an item. Auction listings that do not offer an item, will be ended early by eBay.

>>Therefore, we have ended this auction and all fees have been credited to your account.

Homewood, Illinois


>>Per your request, here's an update on the Millennium Canned Ham that I bought on Ebay.

>>Your fine Danish Ham will reside in Homewood, Illinois. Should the balloon go up, it will be one of the first casualties. The sturdy metal housing would then likely be used either as a helmet, sink, or container for small arms ammunition.

>>It would, of course, depend on the nature of the emergency. Please see if you can talk your father out of those 5 cans of spanish peanuts... with a little duct tape, I'm thinking periscope!

>>I'll sleep well at night knowing that your fine Danish Ham is there (closet pantry), ready and waiting to serve (4?). $6.00 rarely buys such peace of mind.

>>Many Thanks!

Portland, ME

>>>it's has grown quite fond of the alligator foot, I think the Fiesta pepper shaker is jealous<<<

Nobody bought my power bill, but I did get some hate mail who took offense to me calling Georgie- "King George". Here is a little e-mail back and forth:


> wrote:

> > > What do George Bush and George W. Bush both have in common?

> > They both lost the popular vote... >

Thank God we have a country that knows the valve of an Electoral> College-- If > Gore could have won his OWN state, he would be dictator now

ps. did you know that TENN has a sign as you inter the state that says," Tenn, home state of VP Gore & 11 Electoral votes for Bush" Long Live King George 1st. next we get Jeb...


Jeb tooo???

That would be great, I wonder if Jeb would use the business sense he gained from his experience in the savings and loan disaster to bankrupt the whole country next???

My Dad used to be a conservative republican too, until he realized that GE really just wanted to have Chinese Prison Inmates make turbines instead of well paid, hard working Americans in Troy, New York..


And as for the Tampon - rama bit... are you 13? I'm going to forward this email to your mother if you keep using such a potty mouth.

Tumwater, Washington



Yes, keep me on your list. I think this is interesting.

My wife thought I was nuts - buying a can of sauerkraut for 11.00 (including shipping)... My buddy got a big laugh out of it...

You know ... I don't even LIKE sauerkraut...

But I do think your "allmylifeforsale" project is cool...


Debary, Florida

In a message dated 4/19/01 5:16:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< But you bought my waffle iron from me.. Have you made any good tasting waffles? >>

Oh YES! I am writing a low-carb cookbook, am fairly well-known online for that, and I bought it so that I could try my hand at making low-carb waffles, i.e. with no flour or sugar.

Quite a challenge! I did it though! This is me: Rani - a Low Carb Success! You can also read my column "The Low-carb Cook's Corner" in the e-zine at, click on Magazine.

I successfully made the waffles ane the recipe is going into my cookbook.

Thank you! Rani

Claremont, California


After resorting to some rather cutthroat bidding methods, I am now the proud owner of your Latham Homes T-shirt. I got the shirt because a) I voted for Nader (coming from a family of straight-ticket republicans!) and b) I'm a big fan of homes! Latham or otherwise.... Actually, I just really like your project and wanted to take part.

Would you consider visiting me on your trip? I'm not a murderer or looking for a new boyfriend, but I really would like to meet you and talk with you about what you're doing. I'm absolutely fascinated by the whole thing. I am in graduate school for Theology, just east of Los Angeles. I'm going after a Master of Divinity degree (isn't that a weird title?) in hopes of being a hospital chaplain someday, and then later perhaps a pastor.

Jesus talked a lot about selling one's possessions and I am interested in any spiritual insight you might gain once this project is complete and you're living free of Stuff. Anyway, I think we could have a very interesting time.


Newark, Texas


>>Your girlfriends' favorite sweater now watches the goings-on at my Auto Supply/Sign shop here in beautiful old town Newark,Texas.

>>As you will notice, she has a reveered place among my assorted collectables. I placed a garmet bag over her to protect her from conditions one might expect here. (this was in no way an attempt at a mercy killing in spite of the obvious moth holes)

>>This may seem like a dull and boreing life for something that no doubt has seen a few wild times. is.

>>Sorry that's life! I mean, I'm stuck here too! Will keep you posted on and big changes that occur.


Albany, California


Yep the blue ribbon will again reside in your home town, Iowa City. They must have really wanted your ribbon. They emailed me a few times too and offered me enough to let me let it go...It's been forwarded to Donna in, Iowa City, Iowa

As for the rolls of unexposed films. Two of the rolls didn't produce anything. One was too old and the other apparently wasn't exposed. The other three seem to be of you and friends on a snowboarding/ski trip (two rolls) and the other somewhere in Europe?



Brooklyn, New York

>The photographic timer...

>is on my boyfriend's shelf, serving as a bookend. He's a photographer, and the timer is helping to shore up a stack of photo books (Steigletz, Sarah Moon, etc.) and Edward Gorey books.

>Next to the timer is a small transformer toy that looks like a stegosaurus..


Pittsburg, Pensylvania


I was the high bidder on your sideburns. I tried to submit your sideburns, a copy of the actual ebay page selling them,and your picture and article in USA Today holding your sideburns to the Carnegie Museum of Art here in Pittsburgh.

But I received an e-mail about 3 days ago from the chief curator saying that they were not interested in displaying these items. I explained to them your project and that this could be regarded as contemporary art but obviously they did not agree.

So, I am withdrawing from your project and I do not wish to be "visited" during your roadtrip because obviously my own city does not appreciate your project.

However, it was a pleasure dealing with you and I'm sorry my part in your project didn't blossom into something bigger.

Thanks and good luck.


Commerce, California

hey john.

well the truth is i haven't used your answering machine tape yet nor do i plan to use it in the near future; it's something i'm keeping for when i feel the urge to use it.

i'm a musician and producer and i've long been fascinated with the idea of using spoken word or even samples of spoken word in music, and while that's been explored in techno and some rap, not too much in the more rock/groove/jazz oriented world.

so when I find that a tune or some tunes call for any of the stuff that was on your answering machine, i'll use it. it is cool though. you seem like a really neat guy, if based on nothing else than your website, this project and the various messags people have left you on your machine.

and there's someone on your machine that left like five consecutive messages going off about the pros and cons of ralph nader that, well, on 2nd thought maybe i'd better not say anything about that, but it is possible that you and i might be thinking the same thing about that.

catch ya later,

St. Paul, Minnisota


Hi! I apologize for not responding sooner. Work emails continually distract me from the more important life emails.

In any event, just to let you know I was the lucky bidder on the photo of your friend Heather? in the abandoned dining car.

I have had it framed and have it hanging in a stairwell along w/other groovy black and white photos I admire. I will get a photo of it and send it to you.


Indianapolis, Indiana


Hello, John:

I received the album today in its excellent packaging and I thank you very much. I thought you would be interested to know that I am giving it to my husband for Father's Day next month.

He and I are both lawyers and he loves history, particularly presidential history. During his (precious little) reading time, he is always reading presidential biographies (currently Truman's). So I thought of him immediately when saw the item on your site

I don't even know where we'll find a turntable on which to play the record!

Believe me, we have no particular love for Tricky Dick. Dyed-in-the-wool democrats, of which you don't find many here in Indiana. But thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot!

Lynwood, Washington


>>What fun we had with the squirrel corn. The kids were really excited with the corn project. After just a little encouragement, they had a blast putting it out and watching the squirrels eat it. We decided to put it out one at a time so the squirrels wouldn't pig out.


Iowa City, Iowa

Dear John:

We purchased the star wars sheets from you.

Many years ago our youngest son had a set of star wars sheets.

After he had gone off to college my wife and I had a requests from one of our friends who works with abused children. She was helping out a woman and her children in a shelter and needed things like bedding and clothes.

Among the things we donated were our son's old star war sheets. Although he knew his sheets went to a good cause he always chided his mom about giving away his star war sheets.

My wife always felt guilty about giving away her son's sheets. What a joy when we saw you had your sheets up for auction. We gave them to our son (who is now 25) and had a great time of reliving old times.

Just feel hapy that your sheets live on and on in a good home.

Thanks.>From Iowa City.


Iowa City, Iowa


The Pilgrim's 10 book has been hanging out in my dayplanner. It has been there everyday that I opened it for the last couple of months. Sometimes when I'm busy and burned out and tired, I will open it up and take a moment to relax. I put it there to keep it safe from the ravages of the hardcover books and crumpled notebooks of my backpack.

I have been taking creative writing studio workshop this semester and we have had to write some poems here towards the end. I think that poetry gives an insite into an artist or poet or whomever that is not found in other areas. Poem four is probably my favorite, because i think that we are all in pursuit of real dimes. Whatever they may be.

Thanks again for the book. I love the cover artwork and the definition on the inside... not to mention the poems.


Iowa City, Iowa

My teeth went to the Universtity of Iowa Art Musuem,

They now reside in an archival box.. I wonder if they will ever put it on display?

New York, New York


>>well, i put bekah's legs in our showroom, i kept seeing it as an art piece. my curator and editor elizabeth did not approve. it now sits in my office, john i tried to give your art a place of recognition and grace, i really tried. you can make a plea to lizzie, but she is seemingly convinced that although beckah has nice legs the object is i guess ugly.

im sorry,

New York, New York


I originally intended to give the item away as a gift, but then when i recieved it, i decided that it was too trendy for the intended recipient (my ex boyfriend). I also liked the springy, slouchy fabric and decided that it would be a good shirt for sleeping in, so i kept it myself. Since, i have worn it in bed with flannel pajama bottoms.

The only time I wore the item out in public, I was ridiculed. It was sometime this winter and I had plans to meet my friend Matt at for Brazilian food and then we were going to an Archers of Loaf concert. I realized before leaving the office that I was hot/uncomfortable with what I was wearing, so i changed into the item (at that point still at the office; i hadn't brought it home yet) and a new pair of navy-blue cords from Christopher Totman.

I put a ripped-up red wool sweater on over the item. When I got the restaurant and took off the sweater, Matt said in a snide tone of voice: "Oh, Pop Rocks! what a classic indie rock shirt! did you wear that on purpose for tonight?"

I explained the story to him, but he just laughed at me. He might have said "Very nice," sarcastically, which is a verbal tic of his. I think he made other references to 70s products that are now cliche things for a certain kind of white 20s-year-old to wear on shirts throughout the evening.

So since then i've only worn it to bed.

did you sell all your stuff already?


New York, New York

>>>Dear John:

>>>We received the orange draws today. They will be featured in the upcoming indapendant film "Cahoots". The color orange is important because it is considered by many to be unlucky. You will see.

>>>Thanks for your contribution.


Denton, Texas

I auctioned the shirt off of my back at the Society of Photographic Education chairity auction in Savannah Georgia. Susas K Grant was the high bidder of $90 which went to the graduate student scholarship fund. She was in a bidding was with John Pfahl.

She looks better in it than I ever did.

My Al and Irene's Shirt went to London.

Where will my hat go?


Portland, Oregon

Hello John,

This is where item #1409784439 ended up - sitting on my desk of tchotchkes (spelled correctly, I might add) at work. The "Good Housekeeping's Plan for REDUCING off-the-record" record is surronded by a beautiful assortment of such fine items as a mini-iZone booklet of photographs created by my friend Kirsty of my beautiful dog named Oa, a paint-by-number NY garage sale find of a glorious bluejay bird, a Clorox bottle with the label removed (scuptural art at it's finest), and the crowning coordinating piece of love - a big vinyl steak that my dog took no interest in whatsoever. I think it compliments the "Plan for REDUCING off-the-record" record perfectly. And so item #1409784439 sits proudly on display - truly a part of allmylife.

Jon Stoa

(P.S. This paragraph and picture are now attached to the back of the record for prosperity on April 26, 2001. It is my hope that the next owner of item #1409784439 will continue to add their own "history" of where this record ends up and what it means to them and their life. If possible, this update should be sent to John Freyer at or use the good old fashioned postal service at the following address: John Freyer, PO Box 1822, Iowa City, IA, 52244. In case you don't know, he is the guy who originally owned this item and it was his hope that it would be "tracked", taken good care of on his behalf, and updates sent to him every so often. Even if he is dead by the time you read this.)

Dallas, Texas


>>You can list me, but list me as Dallas, TX (Richardson's in the burbs).

>>I can't think of anything clever about the stuff I bought. I thought about taking it down to where Kennedy was shot or something, but haven't as of yet. Perhaps if I win the bid on the white cadillac that would make for a more interesting photo...

>>I'll work on it.

>>Thanks. I love the idea!



Melbourne, Australia


>No the 8mm book hasn't arrived yet. I did manage to get a couple of snaps of the pez though.

>The snoopy pez is serving my flat mate far better than the wonder woman has served me. He is using it as a date magnet (instead of date filter). Asian women love men who love cute things.

>Lucky guy.


In refrerence to the Spinning 70's Chiar that was on Sale.


>>Well now that you mention it, it would be funny to try to get it to Oz... $12.59 for pork rinds? Good God. I should send you more money. Why did it cost so much for pork rinds? Were they Sam's sized?...

>>Actually I was wondering what it would cost to send the said chair to somewhere in the tri-state area of Florida, Georgia, or Alabama.. You know, there's good BBQ down south... But seriously how big is it in the weird WxHxL/weight ratio thing? And could you send it in two pieces?

>>I'm beginning to have visions of the chair with Ayers Rock, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and all the little penguins on the Great Ocean Rd...Kinda like those guys who drug the red couch around the States.

>>Those pictures would be worth the shipping alone... Anyway,

>>I hope you get more than 33 bucks for it.


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