I am selling small vials of pee, female ejaculate and spit to libraries, collectors and speculative investors. The vials are numbered pee 1-100, spit 1-50, come 1-10, and labelled with the vintage (1997). As pee is the most plentiful fluid it is also the least expensive ($300; spit is $500); however, I have limited the edition to one hundred as shown, so as not to flood the market. Female ejaculate is hard to produce and equally hard to capture and bottle. As a result I am asking one thousand dollars for this rare first edition. If there is a significant demand I will issue a 1998 vintage next year, numbering these in similar fashion. Of course these early editions will appreciate dramatically in value. Collectors may wish to own the fluids from the year their favorite works were written or published, or to assemble a complete sequence in chronological order. Some will prefer the humble and colorful bottles of pee, the Every(wo)man's Library of collector's items. Others the rarer fluids. Sorry, but I cannot part with any solid matters and will not be engaged in discourse on this point. If you want to spend your money on shit, look elsewhere.

This is a work in progress. If you would like to sponsor further study of your favorite body part or you are a collector, please email me care of Alt-X.