Storyspace is widely considered the tool of choice for hypertext writers.

Whether your idea of an ideal writing environment is a snug cabin in the woods or your note-strewn desk, whether you write on a new laptop or a trusty old desktop, Storyspace will help keep your ideas linked together.


Tinderbox is a personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze, and share your notes, plans, and ideas.

Visual, smart, swift, and personal: Tinderbox is revolutionary new software.

SERIOUS HYPERTEXT: Eastgate publishes superb, original hypertext fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and we create innovative tools for hypertext writers.

These outstanding hypertexts are collected in libraries and studied in universities and schools throughout the world, and have been widely discussed in the research literature.

Tools for Information Farming


Eastgate offers a collection of wonderful tools for information farming -- gathering, analyzing, and sharing interlinked information. The collection ranges from elegant and durable Italian journals to a selection for Moleskine notebooks to exquisitely engineered laptop sleeves.


Shelley Jackson's brilliant, unforgettable hypertext novel Patchwork Girl is one of the great achievements of literary hypertext. What if Mary Shelley herself made the monster, not the fictional Dr. Frankenstein? And what if the monster was a woman, and fell in love with Mary Shelley, and travelled to America?


Cultures in Webs, by Roderick Coover. A challenging and compelling study of new directions for cross-cultural media arts and film production. West African dance, the camera in storytelling, the Burgundy wine harvest -- explorations in media, scholarship, and culture.


Stuart Moulthrop's dazzling, sexy Victory Garden ranges from the Culture Wars to the First War In Iraq. "Victory Garden may be the most rich and readable piece of hyperfiction yet published." -- Electronic Entertainment


In Megan Heyward's new media narrative of day, of night, a woman has lost the ability to dream. Travel along with her as she collects objects from the street, the market, the café, imagining their fictional traces and histories. Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission

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