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Initiated as an artist's project by Muntadas, The File Room was originally produced by Randolph Street Gallery (a non-profit artist run center in Chicago,IL, 1979-1998) with the support of the School of Art and Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Since 2001 The File Room (TFR) has been hosted and maintained by the National Coalition Against Censorship.

TFR remains an organic initiative; its shape ultimately determined by the input of participants. Thank you for your past support and participation. And for visiting today. ---Muntadas

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The Installation in Chicago was visited by approximately 80,000 people from May 21 - September 4, 1994.

TFR has since been seen as a physical installation in Lyon (1995), Paris (1996), Barcelona (1996), and Hamburg (1996).
Presentations on the project have been made at Ars Electronica '95 (Linz), ISEA '95 (Montreal), Medienbiennale '94 (Leipzig) and other venues.

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