Detail from “Delay”, 2012 by Magali Reus. Brushed aluminium, mirror polished aluminium.

“Episode 3”, 2012 by Renzo Martens.

Education”, 2011 by Harmen de Hoop.

Stones to throw”, 2011 by Ahmet Öğüt.

»steps of recursion«, 2011 by Anne de Vries.

As If I Don’t Fit There“, 2006 by Mounira Al Solh.

»katanga bub«, 2011 by Anne de Vries.

»Untitled« (prototype for a laser piece), 2011 by Ruben Grilo.

»VIA DI PORTA LAVERNALE«, 2011 by Alberto De Michele.

Still from “Watercircles”, 2010 by Paulien Oltheten.

»Trylon & perisphere«, 2009 by Emre Hüner.

Still from “Kings of the Hill”, 2003 by Yael Bartana. Video.

“Well Polished Floor Sculpture”, 2010 by Ger van Elk.

“The Others”, 2011 by Roderick Hietbrink. Oval shapes, stretch velvet, stands, moving light.

»You Am I Am You«, 2008 (dog collars for stray dogs around the campus of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok) by Otto Berchem.

»No Title (from serie: Digital mapping)«, 2011 by Aquil Copier.

Players“, 2010 by Pilvi Takala. Video excerpt.

Detail from “1.33:1, Hard Copy, Display Sequences, Multi Channel Projection”, 2010-2011 by David Jablonowski. 3 channel projection, stainless steel, plaster, offset printing plates, water.

Performance “Cleaning of the Rietveldpaviljoen”, 1992 by Job Koelewijn.

“Mirror Interior Trench Coat” from the series “Mirror Interior Urban Attire“, 1999-2000 by Jill Magid.

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