»Artifacts2«, 2010 by Petros Moris.

A still from »RowFlow–Finite Being«, 2011 by Theodoros Giannakis.

From the exhibition “Every Website is a Monument”, 2011 by Angelo Plessas.


»Where are the people that talk on the radio?«, 2009 by Spiros Hadjidjanos.


www.internetisnot.tv“, 2008 by John Michael Boling.


»tie-dye rebel flag«, 2007 by Javier Morales.


»Athens Tower (Tenants Lists 1974-2004)«, 2004 by Vangelis Vlahos.


»TEARS FOR THE FUTURE« (2008) by Javier Morales and John Michael Boling.

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www.iwanttobeamachine.com (2008) by Angelo Plessas.


»Impersonator« (2007) by Angelo Plessas.


www.thankyouandywarhol.com, 2007 by Miltos Manetas.

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»1992«, 2007. Vangelis Vlahos has collected material from different sources (media, internet, state archives, etc.) forming an archive that focuses on the context of the specific renovation in relation to the Greek policies in the Balkans. The research is based on the funding of the renovation of the former Bosnian Parliament building in Sarajevo by the Greek State and deals in general with Greece’s role in the Balkans, during the last 15 years.

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“Cannibal”, “The House” and


“Proposal for the Facades of the Trade Union Square” by Jannis Varelas.

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The Stairs Of The Life Of A Woman by Angelo Plessas.