“Blob Face”, 2011 by Daif King.

»Untitled (Crystal Spirit series)«, 2009 by Jim Speers.

“Deep Sea Vaudeo”, 2009 by Simon Denny.

“Towers 2 the sky”, 2009 by Boris Dornbusch.

»Involving All Members«, 2008 by Boris Dornbusch.


“Untitled” by Daniel Malone.

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Images from »Aipotu: Love Will Tear Us Apart«, 2004. Installation inspired by a visit to the abandoned Whalers Base in New Zealand (Stewart Island), consisting of large colour photograph series entitled Aipotu: Psychogeographies ; a blackboard mental-map of Stewart Island and; a psychedelic computer animation accompanied with a mixed-up soundtrack (Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart performed by a string quartet). By Mladen Bizumic. Video.

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“The Natural Order Of Tact” (wood, oil, bootles, glue, artists books, flat-pack shelving, blu-tac, spray can, plastic, woolen blanket, static electricity, paper, cardboard) by Simon Denny.

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“The Robotics Project 2″, a device consisting of electrodes that when triggered, send a small shock to the positive and negative electrodes on either side of the arm muscles, forcing the arms and fingers to move. The device is connected to the guitar of Clinton Watkins. When ever a particular bar chord is played (acting as a switch), the external nervous system triggers the arm movements and creates a mechanical sound. By Hadleigh Averill performed with Clinton Watkins.

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“The Lightning Project” by Hadleigh Averill in Collaboration with Ryan Douglass and Medicine Man Wakiyan Sna Mani. Video.


“Upstate Series” by Richard Orjis.


Sean Kerr levitating.


Arcade game installation by Sean Kerr.