“Taking measures” (installation view), 2010 by Ignasi Aballí.

»In Landscape with the fall of Icarus«, 2011 by Wilfredo Prieto.


Paintings by TWAIN (Santiago Taccetti and Natalia Ibáñez Lario).

»WASTED NIGHTS«, 2009 by Santiago Taccetti.


From “Random Work”, 2008/09 by TWAIN (Santiago Taccetti and Natalia Ibáñez Lario).


Actions in the Universe“, 2008 by David Bestué and Marc Vives.

“Antonio Ortega pretending to be taller”, 2000 by Antonio Ortega.

»Islands (2)«, 1996, 72 lightboxes by Jaume Plensa.

Ignacio Uriarte, »60 Seconds«, 2005

»Alfa & Omega«, 2008. Coral Terpsícore, an amateur choir from Valls, Spain, sings the Windows startup and shutdown melody in the Sant Roc chappel. The different voices were found out by hearing and were sung without scores, provoking non-intentional deviations from the original melody. By Ignacio Uriarte.


»Apolitico«, 2001 (Flags of all countries in black, grey and white) by Wilfredo Prieto.


»Rooms«, 1997 by Xavier Ribas.


»Libros«, 2000 by Ignasi Aballí.

EXCITATION_CARRIER.sized.jpg excitation_llorens_01.sized.jpg

“Excitation Carrier” – Two medical oxygen containers ready to use were offered to the public. Other than plain oxygen, one of them included male pheromones, and the other one, female pheromones. The chemical products used were androstenol and androstenone, synthetic pheromones widely used by cosmetics industry. Users could choose which option was more according to their will and consume it freely. By Ruben Santiago.

Self-Portrait,-Standard_01.jpg glass.jpg

“Series 00: Self-Portrait” from the project “Memento Mori” by Iñigo Bilbao. Images built from a 2 mm. slices CAT-Scan (Medical Systems HIGH Speed CT/e) of the model. The DICOM files obtained were processed in Osirix (Medical Imaging Software); exporting a 3D model the renders were produced using 3ds Max 7.0 and Brazil Rendering Systems. See also Karin Sander and Xavier Veilhan.


»retroyou (RC) 2001 series« by Joan Leandre.

pag-15.jpg pag-10.jpg

»Cyclops«, 2002 and »Penjat«, 1998 by Jaime Pitarch.


»Living In The Eternal Mortal Edge« and


»Holograma en la Espuma de Citerea« by Videogramo.


»How to do a balaclava« by Valerie Prot.


“Traps” and


“Distribution Power” by Sigismond Vajay.

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