“Materialregal 2”, 2011 by Jan Kiefer. Pine wood, granite, aluminium, decor plastic film.

»Homo Sapiens«, 1981 by Ludwig Stocker.

“Untitled”, 2009 by Vanessa Safavi.


“Wanda 3”, 2010 by Emil Michael Klein. MDF, Acrylic.

»Between a tree and a plastic chair«, 2010 by Vanessa Safavi.

»X (Bremen)«, 2010 by Kilian Rüthemann.


»Untitled«, 2008 by Silvia Bächli.

»Hydrate & Perform«, 2010 by Tobias Madison.


“Laserblue”, 2009 and “Gold”, 2009 by Tobias Madison.


Paintings by Tobias Madison.

»United Colors«, 2001 by Edit Oderbolz.

»The Fantastic Tavern: The Tbilisi Avant-Garde«, 2009 Curated by Daniel Baumann and AIRL.

»Untitled«, 2009 by Emanuel Rossetti.

»Yes I Can!«, 2009 by Tobias Madison.

»Muttenz«, 2005,

»Kemper«, 2004 by Renée Levi.

“44˚”, 2008 by Tina Z’Rotz and Markus Schwander.

»Untitled Photoshop Drawing«, 2008 by Tobias Madison.


“Aussenportal”, 2008 by Kilian Rüthemann.


»The Thrill Of Collecting«, (2008) was an exhibtion in the Uovo Open Office in Basel. Initiated 3 days before the opening by Cyprien Gaillard, Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti it featured 17 international artists. Only artworks that were stolen were allowed into the show. The title was taken from an AXA Art Insurance Programm whose advertising sign was stolen from their booth in the collectors lounge of Art Basel.


»Yes I Can!«, 2008 by Tobias Madison.

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