“The Gate”, 2012 by Mandla Reuter. Boulder, plastic bag, remote control, various items.

“Italienerin II (nach Karl Geiser, 1943)”, 2010 by Michael Hakimi. Photocopies, MDF, lacquer.

“The Demonstrators (Hanging Receiver)”, 2012 by Nina Beier. Chair, poster, glue.

“Object Construction Number 1: Reflective Abstraction (Mishima)”, 2007 by Falke Pisano.

»Madonna della Scodella«, 2012 by Paolo Chiasera.

“The Open Tool Shelter”, 1991/2006 by Clegg & Guttmann. Fornica, tools.

“Pressed Foam”, 2012 by Bettina Buck. Wooden palette, foam, stone.

»Tattoo Collection«, 2012 by Yves Scherer.

“Proposition de détour”, 2006 by Su-Mei Tse. Wool carpet.

Detail from “Decoy”, 2011 by Eva Grubinger.

»Versions«, 2012 by Oliver Laric.

»STOMP«, 2011 by Yngve Holen.

I, Slowly (1.95kHz)”, 2011 by Anna Sagstrom.

»Artist’s Book Club: Hakuruberri Fuin No Monogatari«, 2010 by Simon Fujiwara.

“The Shell Home”, 2011 by Mandla Reuter. Video, flat screen monitor.

Performance view form »Hanging Times Athens«, 2012 by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff.

“The thing as distance”, 2012 by Anna Sagstrom. String, dye, glass, enamel, copper string.

“Untitled”, 2012 by Kirsten Pieroth. Eggcup, egg.

“Thron”, 2006 by Michaela Meise. Travertin, timber, stain, linseedoll and wax.

Book Exchange“, 2010 by Warren Neidich.

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