“Set”, 2011 by Alice Tippit. Oil, canvas.

Kafka office“, 2010 by Bea Fremderman.


“Zabiba, The King, The Dragon & Jonathan Earl Bowser Installation (Strike the Empire Back Series)”, 2010 by Michael Rakowitz. Pencil on vellum drawings, Saddam Hussein novels, wood shelves, giclee print.

Picture 1

»Study #20 (171y, 171m at F16, 30 sec)«, 2010, from the series »Heinecken Studies« by Jason Lazarus. A series of photograms made with a portion of the cremated remains of Robert Heinecken.

From the series “h.a.g.s.” by Bea Fremderman.

“The Tourist”, 2004 by Jeff Carter.

“Cloud Prototype No.1”, 2003 by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. Fiberglass and titanium alloy foil.


A detail from »Nothing Prevents Anything«, 2007 by Harold Mendez.


»Something New«, 2009. Make or organize your art piece within the area of Chicago between 10th and 12th november, 2009. By Nikola Tosic and Sarah Weis.

“#1(Portrait)” from “iSightExperiments”, 2009 by Chris Collins. Video.

“Sistine Chapel”, 2008 by Jill Frank.

»Untitled«, by John Henderson.

»a moon of saturn resting on a doric foundation«, 2007 by Robert Andrade. Collaboration with Daniel G. Baird.

»Endless Blockades as Eternal Recurrence«, 2008 by John Friel.

»Sunrise«, 2009 by Jordan Rhoat.

“IMPORTANT WORK/TIMELESS WORK”, 2008 by Marilyn and Peter Frank. Granite.

Film stills from “Remembering is a difficult job, but somebody has to do it”, 2005 by Joseph Grigely.

Paul Cowan, »Time Management«, 2007


»Temporary Allegiance«.


“Phantom Truck”, 2007 and


“Iceburg”, 2004 (stainless steel and aluminum with sound) by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle.

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