“Saunabaari”, 2003. Petra-Maria Saarinen and Harald Melrose Turek have built a sauna including shower & changing room into a 10 x 8 foot portacabin. The portacabin was placed in the City Centre of Glasgow. The woodburning sauna-stove was heated up and the sauna was open to the public for one night only.

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Google Image Search“, 2004. Working from a list of around 70 words, covering a wide range of references and pre-conceived notions, Google’s image search feature was used to find the 20 most viewed images for each word, which were appropriated to create 60 second slide show-style videos. By Sandy Smith.

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»Wichita Lineman 1:3000 Scale«, 2001. The work derives from audio data of the 70′s country and western song “Witchita Lineman” (listen) by Glen Cambell. The landscape was generated from contour maps created from computer modelling data of the original song file. Computer audio visualisation processing software was employed to reconstruct the song using a series of 2D and 3D computer generated models from which the final version was modeled in clay and cast in glass-reinforced plastic. The geology of the landscape is a direct copy of the computer model created from the the song data and gets its characteristics from the XYZ axis of time-frequency-volume. By Calum Stirling.

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“Mass Production Pencils”, transforming the functional use of a pencil into a creative tool by using it to make mass-produced prints, mimicking an assembly line. By Stuart White.


»Forced to Speak with Others« by David Shrigley. LP limited edition of 500 vinyl copies. 14 tracks of spoken word stories and mutterings on subjects as diverse as Satan’s apocalyptic rock concert, giant hairy children, ludicrously clumsy fathers and an insect that desires to lay eggs inside someone’s brain.


Installation The Crossing consists of five red and white revised replicas of a Nike hooded sweatshirt; one black and white adapted version of an adidas sports jacket; one wall-based net structure/garment with wall-painting and white vest; one pair of hand-made running shorts, a leather-clad metal stick…


Composition in Black and White, consists of 7 x re-constructed versions of an Adidas sports jacket model name ‘Phantom Electric’, made using a range of black and white geometric and reflective fabrics, displayed on gold wire hangers. By Lisa Gallacher.

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