»Portamento«, 2009 by Lyota Yagi.

»Pixcell (Toy-snoopy and Woodstock)«, 2007 by Kohei Nawa.


»Vinyl«, 2006. The ice tray of a record by Lyota Yagi. Video.


»Table Tennis Players«, 2005, at the ARTZONE in Kyoto by COUMA. A table-tennis table was placed in the center of the venue and the six members stayed at the venue for as long as possible, playing table tennis while completing the work. COUMA consist of six artists who continue to pursue individual careers. The members are: Takehiro Iikawa, Teppei Kaneuji, Yuki Kimura, Manpei Tsurubayashi, Ai Nakagawa and Hyougo Hofuku. They met through playing table tennis. Into their works they reduce the world that emerges when the heights of table tennis are reached.


Takagi Masakatsu.


»The Fuccons« by Yoshimasa Ishibashi in English and Japanese.