Detail from “Delay”, 2012 by Magali Reus. Brushed aluminium, mirror polished aluminium.

“All Fish”, 2011 by Jack Strange. Plastic Bags, water, iPod Touch, video file with sound.

“Pressed Foam”, 2012 by Bettina Buck. Wooden palette, foam, stone.

“Extendable Horizontal Reflector I”, 2007 by Martin Fletcher Systems House. Steel, acrylic mirror, plywood, yellow enamel paint.

“New Materials in the Reading of the World”, 2011 by Chooc Ly Tan. Video.

“Terri”, 2011 by Gillian Wearing. Painted bronze on plywood plinth.

“No Great Discovery Was Ever Made Without a Bold Guess (Time Machine)”, 2012 by Gabriele De Santis. Electric torch, crystal object, wood plinth.

“Parapossible movement, or Finds a convenient streetlight steps out of the shade”, 2010 by Ryan Gander. Bronze, wooden plinth, cube.

“Beginning Happening”, 2011 by Marie Lund. Alabaster, light bulb.

“Untitled (The Reader)”, 2011 by Sónia Almeida. Cotton fabric, cotton cut-out, oil on wooden panels.

»Nausea Games«, 2012 by Ben Wheele.

“Cube”, 2006 by Rebecca Warren. Bronze on MDF on wheels.

“Ceramic Modern Lamp”, 2009 by Francis Upritchard. Ceramic, brass, steel, lighting components.

»Hand Job«, 2007 by Kevin Francis Gray.

Documentation of “Repeat, Rehearse, Replay: A Conversation“, 2011 by Ruth Proctor.

“Endymion’s Journey”, 2011 by Amalia Pica. Digital print on canvas.

“The world’s top brands”, 2011 by Helen Marten. Framed chalk pastel drawing, Orange mobile phone bill, printed plastic shopping bag, clout nails.

“Pole”, 2010 by Morag Keil.

“Gs” by Richard Sides. Monitor, flat speakers, LaserDisc, steel rod, cable, Madras paper, flocked object, steel frame, projector lens.

Still from “New again”, 2011 by Lucy Coggle.

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