“Untitled (Green climbing holds)”, 2012 by Oliver Payne. Climbing holds, canvas.

“I C Through U (Dandy)”, 2012 by Aaron Curry. Ink, silkscreen and spray paint on wood with painted aluminum base.

“Untitled (Painted Ceramic)”, 2011 by Ruby Neri. Earthenware, oil paint, steel with enamel paint.

»Untitled (Modernist House)«, 2005 (plastic pony beads, artificial hair) by Kori Newkirk.

»Blue Black Red 1«, 2012 by Devin Farrand.

Book Exchange“, 2010 by Warren Neidich.

“Correction #59 (Check Minus Check)”, 1981-2011 by Amanda Ross-Ho.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Sanya Kantarovsky.

»On the First Day«, 2011 by Ry Rocklen.

“Gift Cart”, 2011 by Kathryn Andrews. Stainless steel, rented props.

From “Vandalism Series”, 1973-75 by John Divola.

“Telescopic Pole (Walkerball-Red)”, 2010 by Chadwick Rantanen. Anodized sandblasted aluminium, walkerballs.

»Logic for Variation and Inversion on a Rhythm«, 1976 by Channa Horwitz.

Still from “Creative Ideas for Every Season”, 2010 by Brian Bress.

“Untitled”, 2010 by Heather Cook. Bleach on cotton jersey, push pins.

“For Instance”, 2008 by Yunhee Min. Fabric, aluminum tracks.

»Discipline Aid Attempt No 1«, 2009 by Dafna Maimon.

Installation view of “As He Remembered It“, 2011 by Stephen Prina.

“Test Room Containing Multiple Stimuli Known to Elicit Curiosity and Manipulatory Responses,” 2001 by Mike Kelley.

»Pregnant Again and Again«, 2008 by Amanda Ross-Ho.

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