“Untitled #46”, 2010 by Matt Hinkley. Polymer clay.

»It’s the End for Modern Gratification«, 2011 by Adam Cruickshank.


A still from »if…so…then«, 2006 by Gabriella and Silvana Mangano.


»After action for another library«, 1999-2003, by Tom Nicholson.

DAMP_web_august_2.jpg DAMP_web_august_6.jpg

»More Than a Feeling«, 2001. »Punchline«, 1999. Performances by DAMP.


»It’s a World full of Hurt«, 2007, papier mâché piñata collective performance. The 74 and continuing members of collaborative art group, DAMP, have been working togeather since 1995.


“IMan Prototypes”, 2001 by Ricky Swallow.


“Marches for another season” is an ongoing project of banner marches initiated in 2003. By Tom Nicholson.


“The good samaritan” by Paul Knight.


»Train No.6« and »Time Slice« by Daniel Crooks. Video.


Danius Kesminas exhibition »Vodka Sans Frontieres« derives from the 2004 discoveries of illegal underground pipelines pumping vodka into Lithuania. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a vodka pipeline organ. Made from plastic sewerage pipes, the organ resembles the Lithuanian folk instrument skudučiai, but it’s end product is not vodka, but music. Air is pumped into the pipes by a revolving barrel, which regulates the valves of the organ to play a traditional Lithuanian drinking song, Gerkit Gerkit, Broliukai (Drink Brothers, Drink).