Andrea Sala

»Fiorito (Cipria)«, 2008 by Andrea Sala.

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Promo video for a guided tour of Second Life by Jon Rafman.

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»Woods of Arcady .com«, 2010 by Jon Rafman.


»Le grand fatras«, 2005 by Gwenaël Bélanger.

»The Raft of the Medusa (100 Mile House) 8«, 2009 by Adad Hannah.

The “Wind Array Cascade Machine – WACM” (2003), by Steve Heimbecker, is a 64 channel kinetic wind mapping and network diffusion system. The data generated, can be recorded and archived. The WACM series of installations are: “POD” (2003), “Signe” (2005), “Paravent” (2006), and the “Turbulence Sound Matrix” (2007).

“Microphones”, 2008 by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

“Untitled (The Artist at Work) #14”, 2004 from the series “The Artist at Work” by Klaus Scherübel.

My life is an interactive fiction II“, 2009 by Gregory Chatonsky. In a performative action, the artist turns his private life into an interactive fiction: Before any decision he has to make, Chatonsky sends his options to the exhibition’s computer and waits until a visitor decides for him, and he will do what he is told.

“Wavefunction”, 2007 (Video) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

“Symphony for 54 Shoes” by Ingrid Bachmann.


»Huxley, Alberta«, 2007 by Charles Stankievech.


»Le dernier vol des criquets», 2003, taken from the series »Zoosemiotic« by Eve K. Tremblay.


»Revolutions«, 2003 by Michel De Broin.


From the series “Perfect skin” by Gregory Chatonsky.


»Something Is Missing«, 2006, white carerra marble, 29.21 x 19.05 x 12.7 cm. By Valérie Kolakis.


»Rocking Reflexion«, 1999, and


»Rocking Rug«, 1999, by Catherine Bolduc .


“Homographies” (Video), an interactive installation featuring 144 robotic fluorescent light fixtures controlled by 7 computerized surveillance systems and


“Pulse Room” (Video) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.


“Hyalin”, a spectrum of arches and curves drawn by sound waves. By Skoltz_Kolgen.

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»Family Stills« and »Zoetrope« by Adad Hannah.

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