“OT (traeger04)”, 2009 by Philipp Messner. Dis- and riassembled woodobject, coverd with magnets and ironpowder.


Documentation of »Multiplex«, 22.4. – 25.4. 2010, curated by vvork.com for peer to space, Munich. Works by Paul Chan, Michael Bell-Smith, Timur Si-Qin, Agnieszka Polska, Guthrie Lonergan, Rafael Rozendaal, Constant Dullaart, Charles Broskoski, Joel Holmberg, Kari Altmann, Hayley Silverman, Petra Cortright, Anouk Kruithof, Harm van den Dorpel, Michael Aschauer, Carla Edwards, Damon Zucconi, Laura Brothers, Ken Seeno, Eve Essex, Chris Collins, Matthieu Clainchard, Alex Delany, Brock Davis, Billy Rennekamp, Dena Yago, Jason Lee, Annika Larsson, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Will Rockel and John Michael Boling.

»PRESERVATION«, 2007 by Ebru Özsecen.

„Schnur 2“, 2008 by Marcel Tyroller. Cord, engine, metal.

»Johanna-Zyklus«, 2000 by M+M.

»Black Flag«, 2007 by Ayzit Bostan.


Vandalized »Turkish Delight«, 2000 by Olaf Metzel.


“Untitled Rhythm Machine” by Andreas Berlinger.


»Meet the artist’s wife…« The Buyer can get in touch with either Betty or Susan. Betty is brunette, sensual, intelligent and witty. Susan is blonde, erotic, romantic and has a good sense of humour. For only € 300 the buyer can purchase a 10 part SMS/MMA communication with one of the two women. The purchaser will receive the private mobile no. of one of the artists wives and is permitted to send his 10 messages. He is also entitled to ten replies. An access code will be issued in the form of a code name. This will have to be incorporated into the first SMS to guarantee a response. Voice messages and calls are not planned at the moment but can be agreed directly with the artists wives if desired. For € 500 the buyer can meet the avatar of the chosen artist’s wife in Second Life for two hours. The code name and the exact meeting point will be issued. Other virtual meetings or a meeting in real life are not planned at the moment but can be discussed during the proceedings. By M+M.


“Bergungen” by Olaf Unverzart.


»Autobahnschleife (motorway loop)«, 1996, offers the driver a chance to leave the motorway at a sign-posted exit and take a 360 degree bend which loops back to the motorway, rejoining it at the point where he left.


»kurz vor fünf (shortly before five)«, 2001, combines the disciplines of film and photography, in which the 4,290 individual frames from each of several short films have been printed to form a chronologically sequenced photo-mosaic to make up one large image for each film.


»Olympic Pong«, 2003. All three projects by M+M.

img_passat_1.jpg  img_passat_4.jpg

“VW Passat C” and


“Mini Salon” – a whole room called »Mini Salon« was took of with spray colour onto a canvas. The canvas was measured to fit onto a wheel structure which is exactly the size of the space minisaloon. By Emanuel Fanslau.


“Luke, I’m your father” – modified Citroén HY. By Nick Bötticher.


Sportscar motor rotating at around 800 revolutions, reduced to 33 revolutions by a gearbox, playing records on a turntable mounted to the engine block.


Bicycle playing a 7 inch record mounted to the back wheel. Both projects by Alexander Laner. Further vinyl based projects: Helmut Smits and Jeroen Diepenmaat.


»Genua« by Thomas Weinberger.

a-stuehle.jpg  Stuehle12.JPG

“Ohne Titel”,

a-max1min1.jpg  a-max1min2.jpg  a-max1min4.jpg

“Max. 1 Minute” and

a-7-stock1.jpg  a-7-stock2.jpg  a-7-stock3.jpg  a-7-stock4.jpg

video “7. Floor” by Christian Engelmann.


The garage opens itself in a reversed direction by using its two garage doors as static walls which make this opening function possible.


Robert Barta changed his sleeping rhythm in order to stay awake during the night and sleep the day a week before the show. During the opening hours people could see Barta sleeping under the glass and walk over him.


The steps of the ladder move up- or downwards due to the visitors` position. This movement, controlled by a motion detector stops after a short period of time. This principle of switching on an escalator is known from daily life and adapted to this simple aluminum ladder. All three projects by Robert Barta.


“Versuchsaufbau Marilyn”


“Sternschnuppe (Shooting Star)” by Michael Sailstorfer


»Autoketten« and more by Anna Szilit.


David Barbarino.

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