Still from “Buster”, 2011 by Kate Gilmore. Video.

»technical compositions«, 2011 by Chris Wiley.

“Doing the Undoing”, 2010 by Nick Relph. Cotton, wool and dress form.

»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.

»Breast Forms Permutated«, 1972 by Martha Wilson.

»Hello World #1«, from the series CNC Wireform Demonstrations, 2010, by Cory Arcangel.

»godney.jpg«, 2011 by Laura Brothers.

Work In Progress“, 2010 by Gareth Long.

»Un-retouched«, 2011 by BERNADETTE CORPORATION.

»untitled«, 2010 by Trisha Donnelly.

“Thinking of a reply.”, 2011 by Matthew Brannon.

»Drop Ceiling«, 2008 by Robert Melee.

»In one, out another«, 2010 by Darren Goins.

»I Am a Laser/Scream Like a Baby«, 2011 lecture/performance by Jeremy Shaw.

»Mobile Models Ongoing«, 2011 by Andres Laracuente.

“Thank You for A Lovely Time”, 2010 by Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen. Books, clock hands, book stands.

»A Tour of the Atlantic Crossing 1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable«, 2011 performance, encrypted 500 gigabyte portable hard drive by Lance Wakeling.

Still from “Comrades of Time. Zeitgenössinen“, 2010 by Andrea Geyer.

“Twentieth Century Modernism, Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely”, 2006 by Josiah McElheny. Hand blown mirrored glass, display structure, transparent mirror, electric lighting.

»music to watch dead girls by«, 2006 by Claudia Joskowicz.

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