“Untitled (Crunch Time)”, 2009 by Matias Faldbakken. Facsimile of “The Economist”. Print edition for free distribution.

»Trophy (from The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin)«, 2009 by Arild Tveito at Institutt for Degenerert Kunst.

“Slipping through silence”, 2008 by Sandra Norrbin. Polystyrene foam and plastic.

»DRUNK, DECAY , LOVE«, 2009 by Inger Wold Lund and Ann Iren Buan.

»Black Car«, 2009 by Øyvind Aspen.


»Wildflowers«, 2005-2009,

»Monuments« by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman.


“The Bachelor Machine”, 2009 by Per-Oskar Leu – a book signing by Franz Kafka at the Frieze Art Fair.

Collage by Andreas Banderas.

»The First Letter Of Every Word Is You«, 2009 by Sarah Hartnett & Ben Vickers.

“Real People on Display (Oslo)”, 2006 and

“Psychedelic Elements 1-3”, 2007 by Josefine Lyche.

»Tangled up in chains«, 2009 welded found iron and »Stalk, Gills and Caps of Goodbye«, 2009 oil on canvas by Ida Ekblad.

“Hand of Hip Hop”, 2006 by Torbjørn Rødland.

Performance “TV-Duet”, 2007 by Ignas Krunglevicius. Video. Each note in a music-score corresponds to one picture on the TV screen.

“Ibland hoppar man bara för att känna hur det känns att falla”, 2006 by Sandra Norrbin. Foam and rope.

“To Pierre Menard, The Author of the Quixote”, 2007 by Snorre Ytterstad.

“Cups in circles”, 2008 by Kristin Nordhøy. Plastic drinking cups.

“Film Rolls”, 2006 by Matias Faldbakken.

“Generation by division or seperation II”, 2007 and

“Untitled (water and snake)”, 2005 by Ane Graff.

Annual Report“, 2007, an overhead-projector made from MDF, with a strong light-bulb inside. By Lello & Arnell.


»Union Fargekart/ Union Colour Chart«, 2007,


»Believe & Succeed Part l and Part ll«, 2006 by Marte Johnslien.

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