“Allochtone #8 and #11”, 2012 by Christian Mayer. Petrified trunk from Madagascar, approx. 200 mio years old.

From the series “Waste Land”, 2011 by Robert F. Hammerstiel.

“The Open Tool Shelter”, 1991/2006 by Clegg & Guttmann. Fornica, tools.

“Space-Girl Dance 2009”, 2009 by Marko Lulic.

„Untitled«, 2011 by Sarah Lucas.

»Biomorph/Biomorf«, 2008 by Franz West.

Detail from “Decoy”, 2011 by Eva Grubinger.

“Untitled (flat tambourine logarythm manual, snare drum, hi hat and bottle top, floor tom / bottle top, Mikrofonspinne)”, 2012 by Michael Gumhold. Tripods, wood, canvas, springs, paint, parts of drum kit, cooking pot, lid, crown caps, mirror folie, wood, recordplayer, varnish, book, aluminium, recording studio tripod, screws, cucumber.


»23:40«, 2008 (each day at 11:40 p.m. the stick strokes the snare once) by Valentin Ruhry.

“Untitled”, 2012 by Manuel Gorkiewicz. Steel, plastic foil.

“Skizze Vol. 6”, 2012 by Michael Kienzer.

“Column of steam”, 2011 by Johannes Vogl. Water, gas, ceramics, copper, steel, plastic, aluminium.

»Untitled, MAK 01«, 2012 by Krüger & Pardeller.

“o.T.”, 2010 by Benjamin Hirte.

The Kiss“, 2007/2010 by Maria Anwander. French kiss on wall and museum label.

“Pas de problem”, 2009 by Fabian Seiz. Wood, fabric, mirror, rubber.

“Not yet titled”, 2012 by Christoph Weber. Concrete, foil.

»Rassenköpfe«, 2009 by Markus Proschek.

Installation view of “Room for 17 Minutes“, 2011 by Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch.

“Lage, Ort, Position”, 2011 by Sonia Leimer. Photography by Cem Yücetas.

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