»traveling chairs«, 2010 by Marina Faust.

Performance “Elektro Fleischmann”, 2010 by Salvatore Viviano. Video.

Performance “Door Policy, or Biting the Hand that Feeds Me, 2010 by Marlene Haring.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Søren Engsted. Speaker, offsetprint, paint, glue.

“From Boynton’s Lookout the Author Photographs the Grandeur of Escalante Canyon”, 2011 by Christian Mayer. Wallpaper, honeycomb board with plywood.

TAPP und TASTKINO (Tap and Touch Cinema)“, 1968 by VALIE EXPORT.

»unknown sports; pommel horse, triptic«, 2009 by Nilbar Güreş.

“Latein”, 2008 by Verena Dengler. Steel, paint, pearls, embroidery, passe-partout.

“Empire (two segments)”, 2010 by Alex Lawler.

»Blind Sculpture«, 2010 by Gelitin.

Arsenal (to be continued…)“, 2009 by Krüger & Pardeller. Formica-coated chipbaord panels, aluminium chequer plates, aluminium.

“Untitled”, 2008 by Heimo Zobernig. Polyester, kryptonite, acrylic.

“Narcissus made in China Vienna 2002”, 2002 by Regula Dettwiler.

“Bananaspilt”, 2010 by Christoph Meier in collaboration with Søren Engsted.

“alexander#1_steel”, 2010 and “alexander#1_wood”, 2010 by Gerold Tagwerker.

“Locked in Presence”, 2000/2002 by Manfred Erjautz. Marble, aluminum, stainless steel.

Performance “Obsession #1“, 2009 by Salvatore Viviano.

“Untitled”, 2006 by Roman Pfeffer.

“Skies”, 2009 by Markus Schinwald.

“MIRROR_X#1,” 2010 by Gerold Tagwerker.

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