“Display for Images With Their Own Shadows at Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana”, 2010 and “Display for Images With Their Own Shadows at Metro Pictures Gallery, New York”, 2009 by David Maljković.

»Diasin II«, 1969 by Vjenceslav Richter.

»Untitled«, 1964 relief in aluminum by Vojin Bakić.


»Objekt 201168« 1968 by Aleksandar Srnec.

Picture 1

»Recalling Frames«, 2010 by David Maljković. Selected film stills from Orson Welles’ movie The Trial (1962) shot in Zagreb, superimposed onto modern-day views of the city and exposed simultaneously.

Excerpt from »Water Pulu 1869 1896«, 1988 by Ivan Ladislav Galeta.

retirede<br />

“Retired form”, 2009 by David Maljković. Aluminum, photographs.


»Time-based currency prototype«, 2009 by Mladen Stilinović for the Time/Bank project.


»Flowers on the Table«, 1955 by Antun Motika.


»Retired Compositions«, 2009, installation view, by David Maljković.


Variable Risk Landscape“, 2004 by Dalibor Martinis.


»After Reflections«, 2007 by Goran Petercol.

Exhibition on Lights_HDLU 2003

»Aluxia«, 2003 by Goran Petercol.

»Retired Form«, 2008 by David Maljković.


»Showing the Elle Magazine«, 1962 by Tomislav Gotovac.

»Old and bold I search for a gallery«, 2008 by Goran Trbuljak.

“An Artist who Cannot Speak English is no Artist”, 1992 by Mladen Stilinović.

»Rastavljena«, 1981/82–2007 by Sanja Iveković.



Photographs by Kristina Lenard.

Picture 2.png

»Place Of Living«, 2008, is an audio-visual system which starts up with the interaction between 16 sources laser light, a computer in communication with the system of optical sensors and the x visitor whose movement activates the sound and establishes one, from the limitless range of possible and always new, temporary transformations/variations of the “place”. By Tanja Perišić.

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