»Total Artwork-related expenses & income for 2006 (not bad)« by Guthrie Lonergan.


»Untitled Project: MARKET (GENEVA)« by Conrad Bakker.


Various Constructions by Peter Liversidge.


“Bad” and


pictures from the series “Stars love computers” by Julien Prévieux.

»Computer art has not been found out yet. Let us find it out for ourselves.«

From THE MANIFESTO OF COMPUTER ART by Tamás Waliczky, Budapest, 15 January 1989.

Picture 9.jpg

»Color Study«,2002 by Tamás Waliczky.

sculptureGOUGH1.jpg sculptureGOUGH2.jpg goughormond_European_Vacation.jpg

“Untitled” and “Untitled” by Stewart Gough, “European Vacation” by Stewart Gough in collaboration with Tom Ormond.


“Now, with 10x more wire” (Video) by Douglas Irving Repetto in collaboration with Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkis.

a_ansicht1.jpg a08_4_kl.jpg a08_5_kl.jpg

“Processual Minimalism” – a colony of forest ants constructing a hill. By Klaus Mosettig.


»Screen Burn (please wait)«, 2005. Steven Read wrote a software program in Apple II Integer Basic that displays an image on the monitor’s screen. Then he ran the program continuously for about 6 months. The software image was eventually burned into the screen because the internal phosphor compounds which emit light lost their luminosity and left behind a ghostly trace. The ‘please wait’ text is actually an image which took over 1000 lines of software code to create. The old Apple II operating systems (DOS 3.x, ProDOS, etc.) did not come with any font facilities, if you wanted a font you had to code it from scratch.


»Two Keystoned Projectors (one upside down)« (2007) and


»Panasonic TH42PV60 Plasma Screen Burn« (2007) by Cory Arcangel at Galerie Guy Bärtschi.

dheedene 1.jpg

Stefaan Dheedene bought a piece of furniture from the Billy series at Ikea. The day before the exhibition opening, Dheedene took Billy back to Ikea. He received the money he invested back. In the time before the opening the artist hired a carpenter who reconstructed the mass-produced Billy as a unique work of art. Using a slightly different wood, Dheedene’s Billy was born – almost the same as Ikea’s mass-produced version sold all over the world, but unique.


»Jordache ¾ Sleeve Snap Front Woven Shirt (Express Blue)« from 2003-4 by Zoë Sheehan Saldaña. Originally purchased on July 16, 2003 for $11.43 from the Wal-Mart store in Berlin, Vermont. The clothing was duplicated by hand, matching pattern, fabric and embellishments. The tags from the original item were sewn into the duplicate. The duplicate was returned to the rack in Wal-Mart for potential sale at $11.43.


Sustainable, a kinetic sculpture comprised of seven water gong agents that are networked via water and strive toward equilibrium according to a simple water access algorithm; by David Birchfield.

Safe20Tunning.jpg b4!.jpg jb2.jpg

“Safe Tunning”, “Berthier 4” (lifts you up 1.50m and needs 25 minutes for that) and “Berthier 808” (pushes you one meter away from the wall) by Julien Berthier.

bosanski parlament.jpg

»1992«, 2007. Vangelis Vlahos has collected material from different sources (media, internet, state archives, etc.) forming an archive that focuses on the context of the specific renovation in relation to the Greek policies in the Balkans. The research is based on the funding of the renovation of the former Bosnian Parliament building in Sarajevo by the Greek State and deals in general with Greece’s role in the Balkans, during the last 15 years.


“tennisMusicmusicTennis” and


“Clean Windows” by Matt Volla.


»Kymlinge« (2002) is a research and consultation project by Jan Aman, Micke Daun, Angelo Plessas and Andreas Angelidakis on new ways of developing towns in Sweden. A model of simulated organic growth is proposed, in part inspired by strategy and RPG games: Begining with the installation of low cost raw »industrial« spaces that would attract young people with the ikea energy to fix them up. This demographic would start-up a new area of Stockholm, creating at first a solution to the housing problem, and leading into the area gradually becoming a »cool« destination inside the city.

The Rhizome Commission Program.


»Erigero«, 2005, DVD by Chim↑Pom.

work509.jpg work600.jpg

“Work No. 503” and “Work No. 600”. Videos by Martin Creed.

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