“Some push, some hold and some don’t even know how to take a picture” by Mario García Torres.


»expedition-bus and shaman-travel« (Double Video-Projection on the Windscreen of a mirrored Campervan), 2002 is a project researching the parallels between ethnography and shamanism using scientific film-footage from the 50s and 60s.


»Divining Rod Testfield (Scheunenversuch)«, 2003 is a reenactment of a scientific experiment to evaluate the phenomenon of water divination. In the lower floor of a shed of about 20m of length, pipes were installed in such a way that their positions could be altered. through those pipes different quantities of water was pumped. one floor above, the test persons were to estimate the positions of the pipes through water divination. The supervisor of the experiment did not know the exact position of the pipes during the experiments nor did the test persons. the probability of the experiment being a result of pure chance was clearly below 0,5. In a series of further tests with 43 water diviners, 10 person were found to show significant to highly significant test results. The probability to get similar results without assuming a sensitivity of the water diviners, was arround 1500:1 against chance.


»Marathon«, 2003. By Christoph Keller.


“How to Live together” by Gronlund\Nisunen.

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»Joy Division«, 2005.

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»Blowing Zen«, 2004.


»Heroes«, 2000. By Nebojsa Seric aka Shoba.

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Installation “Magnetic Guangzhou” by Troika.


»Page 181 of Mrs. GILLRAY«, 2007 by Mathew Hale shown at Clockworkgallery. Clockworkgallery uses the public advertising space of a turnable lightbox at Mehringplatz/Berlin to present 12 solo exhibitons a year.


“Formula” by Ryoji Ikeda.


The Bad Guys (The Amazon Noir Crew: Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard) stole copyrighted books from Amazon by using sophisticated robot-perversion technology coded by supervillain Paolo Cirio. Amazon Noir by Ubermorgen.


»the sound of music internet community«, 2005 taken from the series »off-line« by Kim Sanggil.


The film »Wandering through the Future« (2007) consists of fragments of 70 film productions from all over the world. Passing all sorts of apocalyptic landscapes and scenarios, the one-hour video leads you through the future from 2008 until 802.701 A.D. in order of appearance. The film tries to examine the way the Future has been given shape and how the different scenarios relate to eachother. Worst-case scenarios with for instance natural disasters, utopian and dystopian cities, virusses, clones and habitats on other planets give insights in the fear for one of our main exploration still to come. By Marjolijn Dijkman. View Timeline.

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Candice Breitz and Franz Ackermann at the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin in Second Life.


“Solar eclipse:Sun” by Martin Parr.


»10 Beach Boys Songs«, 2006 by Graham Dolphin.


»Top Ten«, 2005. A pie-graph of the top ten selling records of all time is recreated as a record, using proportional wedges from the records involved, which include The Eagles, Michael Jackson, Boston, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel. By Dave Dyment.

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»nesting dollzzz« by Chris Coy.


»PlanB«, 2007 by Hisham Almannai.


»The Elliott Condensed Bible« is a Bookwork by Neva Elliott, the content of which as created from the editing of the New King James Bible (the version used by the Gideons). Chapters contained are: Do, Do Not, Shall and Shall not. Each chapter contains the sentences or parts of sentences from the bible which contain these words.

»Zen For Film«, 1964 by Nam June Paik.


»Superemigrant Superimmigrant«, 2004 (Diptich) by Andrea Jespersen.


»Acorn Electronics« by Jaygo Bloom.

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