Photo from the series “AlpTransit” by Milo Keller.


“Truism on a G” (Video) by Haroon Mirza.


»Wait«, 2008,


»Traveling on a face of a gallery attendant«, 2008, by Wojciech Kosma.


»Provisory Object«, 1997, 2000, 2004, by Edith Dekyndt. Video.

Mike Marshall.png

»Days Like These«, 2002, by Mike Marshall.


Installation “Stereo Rain” by Jeroen Doorenweerd. Video.

Bild 33.png

»aaecoartdisaster« (2008) by Juan Carlos Delatorre.


»La Scala«, 1993, designed for the theatre De Meerse in Hoofddorp. The work was named after the famous theatre in Milan. The origin of this work lies in language. La scala literally means ladder: the object placed on the roof of the theatre is a ladder of words. But the French word for ladder, l’echelle, also means ‘scale’ – the proportions of a map. This meaning evokes an idea of perspective: things that become smaller, vanishing into infinity. So doing, the ladder has been distorted and the perspective lines disappearing into the vanishing point have been emphasised. By Martine Neddam.

prayer kneeler.jpg

»Prayer Kneeler«, 2000, by Cindy Loehr.


“Bird” by Ken Seeno. Video.


»The hairiness is black«, 2000,


»18 Days«, 2006, (production still from video). Remote control weapons navigated over boundary lines between China and neighbouring countries by Xu Zhen.

add5.jpg add1.jpg

“The Address” by Bani Abidi. In the tradition of trompe loiel paintings used as backdrops in Portrait studios, Bani Abidi commissioned a background painting resembling the set used for televised Presidential speeches. The image of this emtpty set was then displayed on TV sets in various public spaces in Lahore.


»Suspension Disbelief«, 2010, is a planned project by Heath Bunting. The intention is to jump off the Clifton suspension bridge.


»Uncle Tom«, 2003


»Homage to Chinua Achebe IV (Fela Kuti “Zombie”)«, 2004 by Rashid Johnson.


“Night Stand” from the series “Library” by Brandon Lattu.


»Auto Show« (2007) by Stefan Abrams.

»Internet art, net art, and networked art in relation.« A collection of conversations and interviews (with: Isabelle Arvers, Marc Garrett, Benjamin Weil, Charlie Gere, Christiane Paul, Cory Arcangel, Jemima Rellie, Sara Tucker , Jon Ippolito and Dirk De Wit) gathered between February 2006 and April 2007 as part of an investigation into the relation between Internet art and the traditional institutions for contemporary art in the North American and Western European regions. By Karen Annemie Verschooren.


“Remote” by Gijs van Bon.


»Kolibri« (Humming-Bird), 2007 and »Skyggebillede« (Shadow Picture), 2007 by Tove Storch.


From the series “Myspace” by Job Janssen.

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