»I Want to be Welcome Everywhere, Always«, 2008 – ongoing (ceremonial keys to various cities) by Jon Sasaki.


»371 Grand«, 2006 (Five cast alloy keys from Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York made using the method of key duplication deployed by the F.B.I.) by Claire Fontaine.


“BG”, 2007 (set of keys necessary to get access into every room of the building),


“Coppice”, 2007 (various plants causing a detour within the building) by Mandla Reuter.


“Impermeable”, 2003 (plastic, water, wire, fluorescent light bulbs) by Alejandro Almanza Pereda.


»Five Films«, »Lost Sea« and »One Way«, 2008 by Alexandr Skarlinski.

02-insurance-job.jpg 06-electric-radiator.jpg

“Insurance Job” and “Electric Radiator” from the series “Fire Scene”, 2007 by Sarah Pickering.

»A Grammar of the Multitude« (For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life), 2004 by Paulo Virno.

Bild 15.png

»Blowjob«, 2008 by Wojciech Kosma.


“Untitled (Conservative, Traditional, Ultra Traditional)”, 2005 by Gardar Eide Einarsson.


»A Sculpture for the Ahmed Family«, 2005 (detail) is part of a series that Chris Evans is making with various people around the world regarded as belonging to their counry’s ‘elite’.


“Telefunken anti”, 2004 by Carsten Nicolai.

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» Objects Of Desire «, 2005-2008 by Carlos Katastrofsky . A numbered, but unsigned set of sentences which disappears from the screen as soon as the next set is automatically displayed allows the visitor to be the owner of a unique work of art, but only as long as he/she keeps it in mind.


Framing Leaders” by Shahee Ilyas. “Framing Leaders” is a website consisting of algorithmically generated framed pictures of Heads of Governments based on their length in power, latest Press Freedom Index (RSF) and Corruption Perceptions Index (TI) for the country. Leaders are all about borders, power, constrains which the algorithm translates to ornaments, proportions, matting and darkness.


“Rome to Tripoli”, 2006 by Paul DeMarinis.


Detail from “The Rebel Sell” – an ongoing collection of researched examples of revolutionary vocabulary found in commercial contexts. By Dan Griffiths.

Picture 21.png

»Local Newspaper (Wilhelmsburger Wochenblatt)«, 2007, is an attempt to track down and photograph all of the 312 people mentioned by name in the 28th February 2007 edition of a small local newspaper in Hamburg, Germany. By Lenka Clayton.

www.blownupblowup.com, 2008 by Constant Dullaart.


»I Wanted to See All of the News From Today« (Aggregating – daily – the front pages of all printed national newspapers from around the world into one place. (Currently includes 618 titles)) by Martin John Callanan.


»Untitled«, 2008,


»Untitled«, 2007 by Tobias Madison.


Everything I’ve Ever Wanted to Know“, 2007 by Martine Syms.

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