»cross pulsecounting«, 2008 by Wojciech Kosma.

“Twenty-Three (Fist)”, 2007 by Agathe Snow.

“The sideways comfort business”, 2007 by Daphne Fitzpatrick.

“Esprit de Corps: Bench Marc”, 2006 by Rob Pruitt.

»Hasselt Traffic Circle«, 2008, freestanding row house rotating on roundabout. By John Kormeling.

“Robot Dance”, 1995 by Alan Rath.

Rotor d/200“, 2007 by Max Frey.

“Pseudo”, 2005/06 by Markus Karstieß.

»Untitled New Jerseyy«, 2008, acrylic glass cabinet, containing various objects, by Tobias Kaspar.

»Landscape«, 1999 by Štěpánka Šimlová.

“Graph”, 2008 by Sébastien Delire. Graph displaying the daily number of visitors of the exhibition.

“Sans titre (Look elsewhere)”, 2007 and “Sans titre (Spirale)”, 2004 by “Nathalie Brevet and Hughes Rochette.

Test Signal“, 2006 by Phil Coy. “Test Signal” involves a large video projection of Colour bars (normally used by video and broadcast technicians to verify signal accuracy) accompanied by a live choir. The Choir commences by singing the sustained tone that normally accompanies the colour bars (440hz or concert A). Their voices are picked up by a microphone and translated in real time to produce the colours of the industry standard Colour Bars.

»Data Diaries«, 2003 by Cory Arcangel.

»More Beautiful«, 2000 by Claude Closky.

Gray Painting #1, 2005 by Hideki Nakazawa.

»Grijsblok«, 2007. A book consisting of evenly spread black and white dots. By shifting them slightly a pattern emerges. New patterns emerge constantly but the grey value stays the same. By Luna Maurer.

“Shard”, 2007 by Craig Kalpakjian.

»We’re Coming, We’re Coming, Wait Up, Stones«, 2008 by Susan Robb.

»Downscaled and Overthrown«, 2008 by Shahryar Nashat.

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