»2009«, 2008 by Claude Closky.

»Slow Rave (last moments of Trance Energy 2006)«, 2006 by Damon Zucconi.

“The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our anger”, 2006 by David Lieske.

“Marketing Polish Cake”, 2008 by Andy Boot. Documenting a spam call on Skype, selling Polish cake.

“56 kleine Helicopter”, 2008 by Roman Signer.

»Untitled«, 1998 by Doris Salcedo.


»Mirror Fence«, 2003 by Alyson Shotz.

“Black Rain VI”, 2008 by Joachim Blank.

“Screen”, 2006 by Nadim Vardag. Fluorescent tubes, wood, blackboard paint.

“Motionscapes” (Video), 2006 by Zachary Lieberman.

»Modern Times«, 2008 by Patrick Tsai.

»Robe«, 2007 by Eric Wesley.

»Teenage Lust Revisited«, 2004 by Urethra Franklin.

Off-Sense“, 1995 by Masaki Fujihata.

“Teardrop”, 2008 by Jakob Rød. Guitar pick, frame.

»Paris«, 2006 (Paris sign in the Botanical Garden Bucharest) by Sebastian Moldovan.

»Mystic Truth (Calling Bruce)«, 2007 (framed page from 1991 telephone book of New Mexico, featuring the telephone number of artist Bruce Nauman) by Barbara Visser.

“My Name as Though It Were Written on the Surface of the Moon”, 1968 by Bruce Nauman.

»Skeleton (Mr Pinkle 2)«, 2007 by Blair Thurman.

»Menus«, 1997-2003 by Common Culture.

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