“Marka”, 2008 by Société Réaliste. Bronze, 500 x 50 mm.

Text pieces by Stefan Brüggemann.

“Les Renseignements Généraux”, 2007 by Mark Geffriaud. Photographs, silver prints. “Les Renseignements généraux” (named after the French secret service literally meaning “global information”) is a book never intended to be either finished or published and which can take many forms.

“Measuring the Universe”, 2007 by Roman Ondák. People visiting the exhibition are offered to be measured by museum attendants.

Photographic installations by Masao Yamamoto.

The Real Thing curated by Vvork.

February 27th to March 22nd at MU Eindhoven.

“Sediment”, 2008 from the series “genug lang’ wässern/ wedeln” by Stefan Burger.

“Vibrosaurus”, 2008 by Constantin Luser. Bugles, tubas.

“Landscape/Dtp Bliss”, 2003 by Carlo Zanni. Oil on linen. See also.

»Best of 2000«, 2002, every adjective used to describe artists and their work in Artforum’s “Best of 2000″, by Jennifer Dalton.

»Photomat«, 2003 by Oz Malul.

“Audio Kinematics”, 2006–2007 by Jost Muxfeldt.

“Leap into the void”, 2007 by Jack Falanga. Video still from the movie “Dirty Dancing”.

“5 Staebe”, 2008 by Christoph Meier.

»ROUGH SEX WITH A BIG MAN«, 2007 by Alyssa Pheobus.




»Finding and Fighting the Causes of Homelessness Worldwide«, 2008 by Nancy Lupo.

»Schiff #18«, 2008 by Dirk Brömmel.

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