»Art must be beautiful«, 1975 by Marina Abramović. I brush my hair with a metal brush held in my right hand and simultaneously comb my hair with a metal comb held in my left hand. While so doing, I continuously repeat ‘Art must be beautiful’, ‘Artist must be beautiful’, until I have destroyed my hair and face.

“An Artist who Cannot Speak English is no Artist”, 1992 by Mladen Stilinović.

»TOP 50«, 2007 by Frederic Post.

»Sunrise«, 2009 by Jordan Rhoat.

From the series “minim in” by Benjamin Émile.


»I considered the title of this work but it never come up. Following things could be related to the title. 1) I love to go out from the exhibition space because of BankART facing the sea. 2)There are so many trashes which some artists made and showed as art work before in BankART. 3) I want to make a raft using those trashes. 4) I think it’s not a question that the raft float on water or not but it’s good to be floating there.«, 2007 by Koki Tanaka.

“Five words in a line. (Turbo extended version)”, 2006 by João Onofre.

»SARS«, 2008 a video by Emily Shinada and Hayley A. Silverman.

»The Street of Two Birds«, 2006 by Sudsiri Pui-Ock.

“kin*”, 2006–2008 by Adam Golfer.

“Fake Column”, 2002 by Jose Dávila. Cardboard boxes.

»WATER IN MILK EXISTS«, 2008 by Lawrence Weiner.

»Untitled (de Kooning/Raphael Drawing)« and »Untitled (Pollock/Titian)« 1984/2005 by Andrea Fraser.

»blek vumen poup (black woman pope)«, 2004/2008 by Mladen Stropnik.

“Ibland hoppar man bara för att känna hur det känns att falla”, 2006 by Sandra Norrbin. Foam and rope.

»Hottentots Holland: Flora Capensis 1«, 2008 by Andrew Putter.

»Purest Villa; Kijyou no Kuron«, 2006 by Aki Nagasaka.

“Spartacus (Light)”, 2007 by Eva Grubinger. Flood Light, powder-coated steel, PVC-coated wire mesh. From the project “Spartacus.

»Blowjob V«, 2009 by Wojciech Kosma.

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