Installation, 1993 by Gerwald Rockenschaub.

“Kinhin”, 1979 by Mowry Baden.

»Yellow Labyrinth«, 2007 by Aki Nagasaka.

»Amaze«, 1971 by Yoko Ono.

»Floating Maze«, 2007 by Peter Sandbichler.

»Colored Vases« (Neolithic vases (5000 – 3000 BC) and acrylic) by Ai Weiwei.

»Crystal World (after J.G.Ballard)«, 2006 by Ann Lislegaard.

Abstract Webpage (.com) (After Ad Reinhardt)”, 2008 by Ramsay Stirling. Cascading Style Sheet on HyperText Markup Language. Dimensions variable.

“La Défense oder: ∞”, 2006 by Johanna Tinzl / Stefan Flunger. “La Défense oder: ∞” consists of two cameras that work as a self-referential system. Motion detectors analyse the lightness distinctions of the images that are taken by the cameras on the side opposite to each other. They react due to changes within a certain scope of the image and set that camera in motion that has observed those shifts in darkness or in lightness. Video.

»Stack / Shatter (Five Ways)«, 2009 by Michael Bell-Smith.

»Map«, 2008 by Amie Dicke.

From the series “Fresh Start/ Fresh Designs”, 2009 by Ben Vickers.

»La Luz I«, 1947 (cotton, hemp, and metallic gimp) by Anni Albers.

»CocoaGL film stills (Langoliers)« by Tom Smith. CocoaGL is a bespoke computer program designed to break down a film into its constituent frames. If a short film is made up of 100 frames, CocoaGL will split the screen into 100 vertical/horizontal lines or 100 concentric squares. As the film plays the 1st 100th of the 1st frame will be frozen, then the 2nd 100th of the 2nd frame will be frozen and so on until all 100 100ths have been frozen and the entire film turned into a still image.

“Haarp”, 2009 by Laurent Grasso. 18 antennas. Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) represents an antenna field of the military base of the same name in Gakona, Alaska.

“The Underworld”, 2004 by Mark Wallinger. Installation for 21 monitors. 21 individually looped dvds.

»a moon of saturn resting on a doric foundation«, 2007 by Robert Andrade. Collaboration with Daniel G. Baird.

»Love Cross« by Michele Bressan.

»Wand« by Stephen Lichty.

»Spithead«, 2006 from the raft series by Andy Parker.

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