»Untitled #29«, 2007 by Haris Epaminonda.

»Collage«, 2008,

»Collage«, 2008 by Liam Crockard

“My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances”, 2006 by Beth Campbell.

»Ordnance«, 1971 by Anthony Caro.

»Right Here Right Now«, 2009 by Pierre Labat.

“Ibland ser jag mer (Sometimes I see more)”, 2009 by Anna Wignell. Light installation consisting of a search light that is projecting a rectangle of white light on the wall. The format of the rectangle is continously shifting between the video and TV standard aspect ratio 16:9 and 4:3.

»Internet Pavilion for the 53rd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2009«.

»Obelisk«, 1983,

»Speybank«, 1999/2005 by Luc Deleu.

“Counsel”, 2005 by Douglas White. Vandalised recycling bins.

»Work and Trade«, 2009 by William Lamson.

»Town and Country«, 2009 by Claude Closky.

“In-between the Noise” by Brian Reed.

»Poster Sale«, 2006 by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle.

»Untitled«, 2008 and »Untitled«, 2008 by Shilpa Gupta.

Drawings from the series “Correspondence: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe“, 2007-08 (324 letterheads reproduced in pencil) and

“Gates of Wisdom” and “Examine the Evidence” from “AMIGA COMPUTER WORK“, 1991-1992 by Suzanne Treister.

“Redoubt: the Old Therapeutic Institution”, 2006 by Ashok Sukumaran.

»412 Lieter bis zum Anfang«, 2008, 555 kg of grinded champagne bottles by Alicja Kwade.

“Untitled (paper weight)”, 2007 by Gabriel Kuri.

»Untitled«, 2009 by Emanuel Rossetti.

“Five words in bue neon”, 2007 by Liudvikas Buklys. See also Gertrude Stein and João Onofre.

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