»Nelken« (excerpt) by Pina Bausch.

»Mazurka Fogo« (excerpt) by Pina Bausch.

»Barbe Bleue« (intégrale 1 sur 12) by Pina Bausch.

»Kontakthof mit Damen und Herren ab 65« (Part 01/16) by Pina Bausch.

“Flashback”, 2006 by Philipp Messner. Lasered steel.

Various works, 2006 by Kelley Walker.

»Recorded Yesterday«, 2004 by Slater Bradley.

»Footstompin«, 1991 by Christian Marclay.

»Michael Jackson & Co« by David Shrigley.

»Michael Jackson I, Michael Jackson II«, 2004 by Philipp Klein.

»The Jackson 5 Christmas Album, as Lip-Synched by Marisa Olson«, 2005 by Marisa Olson.

»Michael Jackson White«, 1997-1999 by Paul McCarthy.

»The Victim II«, 2008 by Li Yu & Liu Bo.


»Neverland«, 2001. Michael Jackson’s eyes from his »Live from the Neverland Ranch« broadcast 1993. By Jordan Wolfson.


»Bad«, 2006 by Julien Prévieux.


»Bad« (2007) by Kristoffer Akselbo.

»Live from Neverland«, 2006 by Paul Pfeiffer.

»King«, 2005 by Candice Breitz.

»Untitled«, 1991 by by Michael Jackson and Macaulay C. Culkin.

»MJ«, (Teletext page), 2006 by Paul B. Davis.

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