»Entoptic Phenomena«, 2006-07 by William Hundley.

»Opportunities For Girls«, 2006 by Karla Black.

“Real People on Display (Oslo)”, 2006 and

“Psychedelic Elements 1-3”, 2007 by Josefine Lyche.

»Acapella«, 2009 by Guthrie Lonergan.

»Plaster Saint«, 2009 by Victor Boullet.

»Project for a New American Century«, 2009 by Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins.

“Bijoux de famille (Family jewels)”, 2009 by Claire Fontaine. Crystals, cat litter container.

»Blowjob 8«, 2009 by Wojciech Kosma.

“#1(Portrait)” from “iSightExperiments”, 2009 by Chris Collins. Video.

»Untitled (Wall Painting for Seattle Art Museum)«, 2008 by Richard Jackson.

“Tarlabasi crawl” (Video), 2009 by Jeremiah Day.

»Case Study House #22, (daytime pool)«, 1960 by Julius Shulman.

“Gold Haze”, 2007 by Misha de Ridder.

„Schnur 2“, 2008 by Marcel Tyroller. Cord, engine, metal.

»vectorscape – 009«, 2002 by Hirofumi Katayama.

»Tangled up in chains«, 2009 welded found iron and »Stalk, Gills and Caps of Goodbye«, 2009 oil on canvas by Ida Ekblad.

Detitled“, 2000/2006 by Barbara Visser.

“Lamia, Cancelled lines following II-81″, 2007 by Benoît Maire. Manual reproduction of the edit lines which cancelled page II-81 in the original manuscript of “Lamia” by John Keats. Pine wood, indian ink.

»stain #1«, 2009,

»Grace«, 2009 by Luke Barber-Smith.

“Untitled (Moonwalk – Dancefloor)”, 2009 by Michael Gumhold.

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