Tonight at 7pm: Variety Evening at the New Museum, 30th October 2009, with Pierre Bismuth, Claire Fontaine, Wojciech Kosma, Tao Lin, Kristin Lucas, Vladimir Nikolic and Adrian Piper.

“Strange loop”, 2009 by Lucas Blalock.


»A Shovel and a Hole«, 2004 by Urs Fischer.

“Untitled (A.R.E. U.S. ((( O ))) dich vs. DU !!!)”, 2009 by Christian Egger.

“The Kabul Golf Club: Open in 1967, Relocated in 1973, Closed in 1978, Reopen around 1993, Closed again in 1996 and Reopen in 2004”, 2006 by Mario García Torres. Metal kinetic sculpture.


“Wooden Sculptures”, 2009 by Olaf Breuning.

“Non Finito”, 2009 by Nina Beier . A sculpture in process is to be exhibited or sold on the agreement that the artist might or might not turn up at the exhibition or collector’s storage to continue working on it. Wood, metal, 20 x 20 cm.


“Prepared Turntable”, 2008 by Yuri Suzuki.


»Composition No. 3«, 1963-64 by Milan Knížák. Sound link.

Picture 2

»10 in 12« by Sara Mackillop.

»Klunk Garden«, 2009 by Gelitin.

»Black Car«, 2009 by Øyvind Aspen.

“Untitled (Instrument)”, 2008 by Faith La Rocque.
Stool, Epsom salts, rare earth magnet, hematite magnet, harmony balls.

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»ECHOES, Wall of Ice«, 2007 (documentation of 1 and 3 weeks after the opening) by Troels Sandegård.


A detail from »Nothing Prevents Anything«, 2007 by Harold Mendez.


»Untitled (Binary One)«, 2005, money on canvas by Sergej Jensen.

“Objet externe”, 2005 – 2007 by Christoph Weber. Wax, pigments.

»Art for the Public (Twilight)«, 2009 by Lisa Oppenheim.


»Showing the Elle Magazine«, 1962 by Tomislav Gotovac.

“Synchronicity”, 2008 by Roberta Lima and Dorit Margreiter.

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