“Sonicity”, 2008-2009 by Stanza.


»Untitled Tower«, 1999 by Jennifer Bolande.

“Sunlight Jr.”, 2007 from the series “Winter Landscapes” by Michael Vahrenwald.

“Sunset Yellow”, 2008 by Ann Woo.


“Der König wohnt in mir”, 2008 by Christoph Schlingensief.


“Glasses”, 2004 by Finnbogi Petursson.

“Involuntary Sculpture”, 2006 by Shannon Ebner.

From the series “h.a.g.s.” by Bea Fremderman.

“Antonio Ortega pretending to be taller”, 2000 by Antonio Ortega.

Semi-Detached“, 2004 by Michael Landy.

Exhibition on Lights_HDLU 2003

»Aluxia«, 2003 by Goran Petercol.

Picture 6

»Double Act«, 2006 by Ceal Floyer.

“Das Lachende Bild 1/2 (The Laughing Picture 1/2),” 2005 and

“The Poster Book Bookshelf,” 2006 by Henning Bohl.


Sound installations by Stephen Vitiello.

“Deep Sea Vaudeo”, 2009 by Simon Denny.

“Zwei Jahre, ein Monat und zwei Tage (Two years, one month and two days)”, 2007 by Christian Mayer. Slide projection.


»Still-Life of Dead Birds and Hunting Weapons«, 1660 by Willem van Aelst.


»The Boarders at Rest«, 1971-72, collected and taxidermised birds dressed in handmade wool outfits. By Annette Messager.


“Minimundus”, 2004 by Seppo Gründler shows four historic media works as miniatures (“TV Buddha” by Nam June Paik, “Pendulum Music” by Steve Reich, “Il Treno di John Cage” by John Cage and “Drive In Music” by Max Neuhaus).

Detail from “The Atlantis dialogue”, 2006 by David Lieske.

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