»Versions«, 2010 by Oliver Laric.

»Alhurra TV, Broadcast Studio, Springfield, Virginia«, 2006-2007 by Taryn Simon.

»Goldman Sachs annual letter to shareholders typeset with the font Oh Marys«, 2010 (PDF) by Paul Chan.


»untitled (30.III.2010)«, 2010 by Aleksandra Domanović.

»The Queen of the Jungle (If I Had a Gun)«, 2007-08 by Vahid Sharifian.

»A-Z, Aran lasted really long«, 2008 (plastic relief) by Aïda Ruilova.


“Birds of Pray”, 2010 by Haroon Mirza.


“Study Pollock IV/IV”, 2006 by Daan van Golden. Oil on canvas.


»Fan Dance«, 2006 by Patty Chang.


»Where are the people that talk on the radio?«, 2009 by Spiros Hadjidjanos.


“Carla Bruni”, 2009 by Lena Henke. Wood, paint, table.


“Ljudmilla Putin Jacuzzi”, 2008 by Mike Bouchet. Fiberglass, cardboard, paint.


“Vows (Goldman, Emma. “Marriage and Love.” New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1910.)”, 2006 by Andrea Bowers. Vows is a two channel video installation using Emma Goldman’s essay “Marriage and Love”, a text which analyzes how the social institution of marriage is an oppressive institution of capitalism and oppositional to love. A single bride reading sections of the Goldman text is projected on each screen. In the installation the two women face each other and appear to be listening and responding, as though reciting marriage vows.

»The Album – Family History Revisited«, 2004 by Hala Elkoussy.

Picture 5

Shoes by Ola Vasiljeva.

»Miss Holmes«, 2001 by Zineb Sedira.


The Forty Part Motet“, 2001 by Janet Cardiff.
40 loud speakers mounted on stands, placed in an oval, amplifiers, playback computer.

»Agua en el humo, fuego en el cielo«, 2005 by Yunior Mariño.

»Untitled (26.5km gaffa tape), 2009 by Matt Bryans.  

»History of the World (Consolidated)«, 2008 by Eduardo Sarabia.

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