»Stripey Pads«, 2010 by Dan Rees.


“Untitled 3”, 2008 by Stuart Elliot. Oil, linen.


“Vitamin A”, 2009 by George Henry Longly. Nero Portoro marble agglomerate.


Installation and performance “Home party”, 2010 by Christian Falsnaes.

»Simultanées«, 2010 by Karina Bisch.

»Untitled (Sarabhai)«, 2004 by Matti Braun.

»Dymaxion Palace«, 2008-2009 by Société Réaliste.

»When the Going was Good«, 2008 by David Raymond Conroy.

Excerpt from »Water Pulu 1869 1896«, 1988 by Ivan Ladislav Galeta.

»Interpretation«, 2010 by Lili Reynaud Dewar.


“Hydromancy”, 2010 by Jen DeNike. 80 black bowls filled with water, mirror and performer.

»Untitled«, 2009 by David Rhodes.


“Installation III (Sparkling)”, 2010 by Halina Kliem. Silkcreen on chipboard, cardboard box, mixer aluminium case, music stand, framed Xerox on Hahnemühle paper, LED tablet DVD Player, video animation transferred to DVD, electric rubber cable.


Still from »Game Keepers Without Game«, 2009 by Emily Wardill.

»X (Bremen)«, 2010 by Kilian Rüthemann.

»Laloli«, 2010 by Claude Closky.


“Lass die Katze ins Haus (mit ihrem Pokal)”, 2006 by Karl Karner.


“Left Right Left Right”, 2010 by Karla Black. Compost, top soil, red building sand, golden hoggin gravel, hairspray, polystrene, spray paint.

»A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole I & II«, 2010 by Johan Eldrot and Erik Larsson.

»Nigel and Chris«, 2007 by Jack Strange.

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