“Surface (two)”, 2010 by Andy Boot.

“Tom & Jerry Live”, 2010 by Vikenti Komitski. Video excerpt.

»THE CHARACTER«, 2011 by Candice Breitz.

»RiVeduta V«, 2009 by Deborah Ligorio.

»ART LOVE JAPAN« is a 3 day charity event for the victims of the Japan quake, happening in Brooklyn, from 8. to 10. of April. Submission deadline is April 4th!

»Cardinaux«, 2009 by Alain Séchas.

»Before the Caves« 1958 by Helen Frankenthaler.

»Waterfall«, 1942-43 by Arshile Gorky.

»REPLICA«, 2010 by Gabriel Hartley.

“Untitled (Dock)”, 2010 by Ezara Spangl.

»Untitled«, 2010 by Varda Caivano.

»Summer Street«, 1956 by Grace Hartigan.

»Red Interior«, 2006 by Kazuya Akimoto.

»Untitled«, 2010 by Ida Ekblad.

»Garamond«, 1958 by James Brooks.

»Untitled«, 2007 by Friedel Dzubas.

»Untitled«, 1950′s by Friedel Dzubas.

»Homo Sapiens«, 1981 by Ludwig Stocker.

»Trying To Remember«, 2011 by Gedion Nyanhongo.

»Paar«, 1993 by Eugène Dodeigne.

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