»Sushi«, 2010 by Anders Clausen.

»Dowscaled Upscaled 2«, 2011 by Shahryar Nashat.

Installation “One of Each”, 1993 by Karsten Bott.

From “Royal Caribbean Cruise Line“, 2006-2007 by Luis Molina-Pantin.

From the series “A Cage Went in Search of a Bird” by Sreshta Rit Premnath.

»Wreck«, 2010 by Jan Kempenaers.

»Untitled (Crystal Spirit series)«, 2009 by Jim Speers.

“The Judges”, 2010 by Christina Mackie.

“The Andy Monument”, 2011 by Rob Pruitt.

»Announcements«, 2002-2004 by Michał Budny.

»Vermeer Book«, (Pencil on paper in bound book), 2010 by Ciprian Mureşan.

»Here Rests the Grass«, 2004-2006 by Miklos Onucsan.

“Taking measures” (installation view), 2010 by Ignasi Aballí.

»A Room of One’s Own/A Thousand Libraries«, 2006, is a compilation of all the marginal notes made by readers in the Swedish library copies of Virginia Woolf ’s 1929 pamphlet A Room of One’s Own. By Kajsa Dahlberg.

The Guerrilla Girls at the Feminist Future Symposium, 2007 at MoMA.

“Untitled”, 2006 by Roman Pfeffer.

“Passing through the rubber band”, 2000 by Shimabuku.

“Rock”, 2006 by Tatiana Trouvé. Stone, plexiglas, aluminium, copper, brass.

»Hidden Hearing«, 2010 by Jesse Ash.

»Untitled (Sheats-Goldstein House, #06)«, 2007 by Luisa Lambri.

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