“Thank You for A Lovely Time”, 2010 by Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen. Books, clock hands, book stands.

»133,120cm of Nylon Monofilament and Black Acrylic«, 2011 by Robert Currie.

»Slow Riser«, 2011 by Neil Clements.

»Similar to Squirrels after A. Dietrich«, 2003 by Richard Phillips.

»Two Squirrels in Landscape«, 1939 by Adolf Dietrich.

»Hot Desk«, 2011 by Lorenzo Bernet.

“Narcissus made in China Vienna 2002”, 2002 by Regula Dettwiler.

»A Tour of the Atlantic Crossing 1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable«, 2011 performance, encrypted 500 gigabyte portable hard drive by Lance Wakeling.

“Crane”, 2010 by Hilary Lloyd. JVC LCD 42” monitor, Western Digital HD media player, Unicol twin column mount.

Automated Colour Field“, 2011 by Rebecca Baumann. 100 Flip-clocks, laser cut paper, batteries.

»4900 Colours (Version II)«, 2007 by Gerhard Richter.

»Billboard 01«, 1991 by Gerwald Rockenschaub. Rockenschaub based his work on the modular system used by the poster company gewista, whereby each large-format poster is made up of 8–72 standard format sheets. He had these sheets printed in monochrome in seven industrial norm colours from which he made forty colourful combinations which could be independently selected on the spot by whoever was putting up the poster.

A still from »Dammi i Colori«, 2003 by Anri Sala.

»Tombeau V1«, 2007 by Martin Widmer.

»Dedicated to the Unknown Artists«, 1972-76 by Susan Hiller.

“Orbit”, 2011 by Björn Dahlem. Wood, aluminum, steel, brass, styrofoam, knob, stain, varnish.

Still from “Comrades of Time. Zeitgenössinen“, 2010 by Andrea Geyer.

»Discipline Aid Attempt No 1«, 2009 by Dafna Maimon.

»All sunset postcards available in Hawaii«, 2011 by Adrien Missika.

“Twentieth Century Modernism, Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely”, 2006 by Josiah McElheny. Hand blown mirrored glass, display structure, transparent mirror, electric lighting.

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