»Flétrissure«, 2010-2011 by Agnes Geoffray.

»Six Flags«, 2007 by Andra Ursuta.

»unknown sports; pommel horse, triptic«, 2009 by Nilbar Güreş.

“The Others”, 2011 by Roderick Hietbrink. Oval shapes, stretch velvet, stands, moving light.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Thea Djordjadze. Steel, paint, cement, fabric, glass.

“The Catch”, 2011 by Simon Dybbroe Møller. Acrylic, plastic net, canvas.

»80:20«, 2011, mural on the facade of the Romanian Pavilion in Venice, by Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkácová.

»Hello World #1«, from the series CNC Wireform Demonstrations, 2010, by Cory Arcangel.

“Nothing 1”, 1998 by Angela de la Cruz. Oil on canvas.

»Intercommunication Devices«, 2008 by Bani Abidi.

Hilma af Klint

“Particle”, 2009 by Bethan Laura Wood.

»Urban Planning«, 2010

»Insert«, 2010, »Exxentrique«, 2010 by Marte Eknæs.

»Monument To Atlantic Records«, 2008 by Elizabeth Price.

»godney.jpg«, 2011 by Laura Brothers.

Still from “Objects Perceive Me”, 2010 by Alexandra Navratil. Video.

»Home Detention«, 2009 by Eva Kotátková.

»Walls of Progress: Materiales de Construccion«, 2011 by Ximena Garrido Lecca.

Work In Progress“, 2010 by Gareth Long.

„swapmeet (al-bahr al-mayyit mix) optic«, 2011 by Hannah Sawtell.

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